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The kids have also connected with several of your lessons In a super selfish way, it is like he is acting like his dad has already died.

I just signed up but we have loved the Godly Goals lessons and our youth have really had some great discussion about wisdom! Mutual love binds us to each other and forms our community.

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And also, he was just kind of whiny! A Guide to Drama-Free Relationships. Give the groups minutes depending on how involved and creative they get. So, today our challenge is to eat like pigs… which just means it will be messy!

When you contact them more regularly and more effectively you will touch more lives. Thanks The Zone gives me great ideas to work on and tailor for my groups specific needs!

Elisha Barnett I really appreciate the lessons and the helps.

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The kids just love the visual lessons! Our Listen to Lisa section is written especially for teen girls. Jesus is our example of mutual love.

Thinking again about cliques.

Do you think it is important to be friends not in a Facebook way with everyone from your youth group? I use the Zone for many different games, ideas, and devotions and studies.

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In this way, we learn that love towards God can be expressed in love towards our neighbour. No matter how far we may run away, God will always love us. The power points and games have been a big hit with our group and a time-saver for me.

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When encouraged by my pastor to spend more time developing relationships I wanted to find material that I would feel comfortable teaching and less time on developing.

In our own individual way, we have gone to God and insulted him… we have taken the love and gifts that He has given us and just thrown them away. Find out more at www. We help others through the proceeds of this site.


There are great transferable lessons for my leaders to utilize and for me too. No matter how bad you have failed.

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Nic Frank has been reaching youth all around the country for nearly a decade. The Zone has helped me in preparation.

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How have these experiences shaped you as a Christian person?