need some clarification on wiring boost gauge need some clarification on wiring boost gauge

Wrx boost gauge hook up, p1800 vintage racecar -

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While it's probably highly unlikely to occur, there's the chance of the fuel system drawing more of the separated ethanol Fifty over fifty dating water into the engine and running too lean which can lead to pinging or even detonation.

Available in a choice of ride heights.

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All of our springs are tested with a load. For those who want to use fuel injection, and it is recommended for anyone with a car that currently has FI, we offer a "fuel injection ready" version of the supercharger system. Intercooler radiator, coolant pump and filler tank An electric pump pumps the coolant from the front mounted radiator to the second heat exchanger - the intercooler core - mounted between the supercharger and the engine's intake manifold.

If we don't have it we can usually get it or make it. There are two basic reasons. I've put about 20k miles on it from long highway trips to the terrible NYC roads locally. Touring shown with Navigation.

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It is a positive displacement, twin rotor, Lyshom principle supercharger of approximately one liter displacement.

Only recently have advances in manufacturing techniques allowed their cost to be reduced to the level that they can be economically produced for automotive applications where they are considered to be the highest quality supercharger available.

For me, the front clips were very stiff, so I ended up removing the front air vents, and pushing the clock up from underneath. The result of this test was a peak of HP at the flywheel, 90 rear wheel HP, with stock exhaust, air filter, etc.


Supercharger and Intercooler A modified crank pulley replaces the stock pulley and allows the addition of the supercharger drive belt. The supercharger-intercooler unit bolts on in place of the stock carburetors or fuel injection manifold.

Adjustable Spring Height Adjusters To meet advanced needs we have developed both front and rear spring height adjusters. The bottom line is the stock ES.

Progressive rate springs are slightly more expensive than single rate springs, approx. I'm led to believe that one place I worked on commissioning a bulk fuel delivery control system several years ago have since decommissioned their E10 system and swapped it for regular unleaded for this reason.

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Lower intake air temps mean a denser charge, less chance of detonation, less engine stress and more POWER! Our suspension components are designed to bring modern handling to older Volvos and are a necessary part of any performance package.

Our current springs are a 4th generation evolution of our initial design. Additional spacers are available in custom sizes.

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Progressive rate springs offer a combination of handling and ride comfort that cannot be duplicated by single rate springs. As of the writing of this update, the car had not been dyno tested at this level of boost, but power has increased significantly over the 8 lb.

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The dyno chart below shows the power progression from stock engine to the most popular configuration - 10 lbs. On the road the test car recorded a best 0 - 60 time of So yes, you can now purchase progressive rate springs for a few dollars less, but what is missing is the time spent in design, development and testing in order to "get it right".

These will accommodate different models, vehicle weights, and customer preferences as to ride heights and type of use. A transmission swap to a true 5 speed such as a Borg Warner T5 or a Toyota transmission is the answer.

We are currently offering a heavy duty clutch disc that will allow the stock type clutch to work at this power level. The company that had been supplying our springs from the begining was reorganized, and then purchased by another company, and no longer able to reliably meet our spring needs.

need some clarification on wiring boost gauge

A supercharger is basically an air compressor. Considering that most early Volvos weigh from - lbs. In the beginning, producing power was almost the only consideration. As there are a number of different types depending on the application, please e-mail for details.

See the "drive system" section for more information on changing boost levels.