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However, there may sometimes be occasions when an extra ultrasound is justified if the mother is truly supersized, fetal position really is unclear, or if ultrasound discovers a malposition and this information is used to help resolve the baby's position.

One of the most common problems with ultrasounds in women of size is difficulty in seeing the baby's heart fully to be sure it is well-formed and healthy, or difficulty in seeing the fetal spine clearly.

This does not improve risk outcome; in fact, it often worsens it. Continued The technician will apply a water-based gel to the area. Alternatively, suggest that they try the ultrasound again after you lift your 'apron,' try imaging from the side if needed, do a transvaginal scan instead, or put the transducer inside the belly button instead.

You may not be able to recognize much of what you see, but the technician is trained to interpret the images.

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Other times they get defensive or more hostile, but will back down if reported to their supervisors. It is harder to do an ultrasound on a big person, and the bigger the tummy, the more difficult it can be to see everything they want. If the sonographers have significant concerns about not being able to see something clearly, they may request that you come back for a second ultrasound a little bit later.

On the other hand, other providers regularly do fundal height measurements in women of size but expect them to measure the same as every other woman.

Vaginal or 'transvaginal' ultrasound Abdominal or 'transabdominal' ultrasound. You should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove or partially remove.

The unspoken interpretation in their minds may be that all fat women have huge babies, and any ultrasound that shows an average-sized baby may well be Dota 2 matchmaking patch because the woman's size makes it too hard to get accurate readings.

I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks. Sometimes drinking a lot of water is not absolutely necessary for some ultrasounds, or they may require less water than you think. If you want to find out the sex of your baby, tell the sonographer at the beginning of your scan.

What does the ultrasound show? If they are having trouble "seeing" something in your ultrasound, there ARE techniques that can help resolve the imagery better. A size 26 woman has more abdominal 'fluff' which will increase the fundal height measurement.

They may be afraid that their fat will somehow make the ultrasound impossible. Most of these are not justified, although of course each situation must be judged on its own merit.

Ultrasound at 8 Weeks: What to Expect

I was told my weight made it impossible to scan the baby, and they saw encephaly [Kmom note: At this point, the baby already has tiny arms and legs, as well as buds where the hands and feet will be. Cruel or rude treatment should never be tolerated, even if the points they express have some basis in reality.

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The truth is that doctors do not KNOW if the pelvises of fat women are more obstructed by fat and that this prevents babies from being born vaginally, they just assume that it is so.

Keep in mind that results can differ based on the method used, the skill of the sonographer, and the relative position of the baby. There are also several other refinements that can be done if the technician has difficulty resolving the images adequately. Don't let anyone pressure you into scans you do not wish to have just because of your size.

Health care workers have been getting away with poor treatment of fat people for a long time, and it's time that this practice stopped. Chances are very good that the baby is fine and that all is well. Although many women are simply told that they will be taking these tests, it is ALWAYS your right to decline any or all of these tests.

They don't trust a big woman's report of her last menstrual period for dating because they assume most big women have irregular cycles.

What happens during an ultrasound scan in pregnancy? If a woman has 35 day cycles that are very regular, then a provider should automatically adjust the due date back one week.

A size 26 woman is NOT going to have the same fundal height measurement as a size 5 woman, and to expect otherwise is ludicrous! There is often a "window" of time early in the second trimester when it is debatable whether to use abdominal or vaginal ultrasound in women of any size, but especially in women of size.

First- and second-trimester screening or both, for Down's syndrome. They may feel embarrassed to have someone touching that soft, squishy part of them, the source of so much derision for some people.

Remember, the underlying implication behind doing lots of tests for birth defects is that there will be very strong pressure to abort if any problems are found. For example, Pollack et al. More like a month!

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