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This is the catalogue to Dr. Dealer's catalogue of textiles with birds, ranging from a 19th century Kordi flatweave, to a belouch bag face to a Ming Kossu, to a 17th century Mogul carpet to Coptic fragments to a 16th century Spanish embroidery.

This wide ranging collection thus helps to place Tibetan weaving in the broad context of Tibetan handicrafts. Textile Art Before Columbus.

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The illustrations are of close-ups of embroidered designs, in excellent color. Inscription by both authors.

The making of carpets; Denny: One of numbered copies. Ottoman, West Caspian, and East Turkestan embroideries; beautiful textiles in an exotic area of collecting.

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Islamic and urban life: An exhibition catalog of a travelling exhibition of carpets, manuscripts, porcelain, and metalwork; the rugs are mostly 19th century and from a variety of private Fling, Menandian, etc. A discussion of Turkish flatweaves by the director of the Vakiflar Museum, illustrated with 30 flatweaves and supplemented by figures showing details of the weaving techniques.

Many of these rugs are well known in the rug literature and the text summarizes what other authors have said about them. Exhibition catalogue, Mohtashem Gallery, of 16th - 19th century Turkish rugs.

Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 16th - 19th century Caucasian rugs, including Dragon carpets, Kazaks, 18th century Kaitags and soumaks.

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Distinctive features of the material culture and applied art of the Southern Kyrgyz and Popular applied decorative arts of the Kyrgyz As with his other books, the type face is small, so there is a lot of information packed in this book.

Many of the copies we have seen of this title have had much wear and tear on the covers and spine, and sometimes with the spine detached. This issue is on Navajo and Hopi weaving. The author is a composer and conductor; the book, reviewed favorably in Haliis partly a sampling Woonsocket dating his collection, which is strong in prayer rugs, and partly a memoir, with anecdotes of collecting.