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Mike Conville 1 month ago They call this music?? It is shown that the other woman is also the person who drives them away. Trina - Here We Go feat.

Couple Comparison

Antonio Brown 1 month ago !??? Her love interest comes home in a taxi, enters his home, notices all his belongings and possessions are gone, finds an envelope on the floor and picks it up.

Dre Wright 2 months ago These two need to collab one more time.

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But trina's hair was a hot mess! Lady always in street's freak hoe in the sheets. Its not always bout sukn or fkn!! If u do Dame recycle bin.

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Aaliyah Taylor 2 months ago ?? Kelly supports Trina, shows her photographs of her love interest and another woman spending quality time together in a restaurant and Trina is devastated.

Before Fame

Still listening in Char'Kita Hood 2 months ago Kelly looks freaking amazing in this video. Oh bring back my youth. Ladies take you're power back. American professional basketball player Rasual Butler starred in the music video.

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His relationship is a bottle. Trina is on the phone to her love interest, tells him she has had enough of him and his infidelity and announces that the relationship is over.

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As he opens it, he pulls out the photographs containing him and his mistress and is shocked to discover Trina found out about the affair.

Pamala Schiene 2 months ago I ain't looking at u I'm looking past u.

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With the relationship being over, she decides to move out, empties his house, puts his possessions for sale and she and Kelly get on a cab and smile. This was a classic during the mid s.

As her love interest is looking at the photos a muscular man walks into the house and lunges to attack him. Alexisc Mouzan 23 days ago One of the best songs if not the best.

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Time and place for everything Claudette Norciud 1 month ago Traina and Kelly is a phony. Which I swear sometimes Is so hard to deal with too. Randy Smith 2 months ago This still the jam in ; Deatrice Scott 2 months ago Trina the baddest bitch!!!

La'Riah 29 days ago Hold Upp.