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The 4Sleep Mattress Explained Introducing the 4Sleep Mattress: The Layers Explained

We are excited to share with you today exactly how the 4Sleep Mattress helps you sleep cooler, sleep more comfortably, sleep better, and most importantly, live better. Lets begin…

First, our removable cover is made with the same type of material as high-performance athletic clothing. It’s specially spun with polyester, viscose, and Lycra. It wicks away moisture, is breathable, lightweight, and has “Cooling On Demand” technology that actually has built-in gel to help keep you cool. The cover has a nice buttery softness that is very smooth, it makes you just want to constantly touch it. The fabric is thin and durable by design, so as to allow increased breathability and cooling. The cover alone is enough for you to love this mattress.

The Sensitive layer – Knows what you need, when you need it.
The 1.5″ layer of gel memory foam is remarkable. It doesn’t just keep you cool like most memory foams, but also has the ability to transfer heat back to your body so that you maintain a consistent, optimal sleep temperature range of 87° to 90°.
This layer perfectly contours to your body for less tossing and turning from painful pressure points.

The Responsive layer – Listens to your body and does what it asks.
This 1.5” layer of instant response foam boosts your every movement while absorbing the energy to isolate your movements. We like to call this layer the “motion control layer” because it works together with the other layers to strike a balance between boosting movement and bounce, while absorbing energy so you get the double whammy of minimized motion transfer between partners. When you move on the mattress you won’t feel stuck, but more importantly, the energy from your movement won’t transfer and reverberate through the mattress.

The Energizing layer – Reacts, responds to and reinforces your every move.
This 1.5” layer is super resilient foam has been specially engineered to perfectly map to your body’s unique pressure points as you move throughout the night. The result is superior pressure relief and support. This prevents your body from sinking or cratering or getting “stuck” in your mattress.

The Supportive layer – Supports all that you do in bed.
This 7” layer is made of premium high density foam. While there might not be anything sexy about this layer, it is critically important to the overall feel, comfort, and support of the mattress. This support foundation maintains the correct balance between conforming comfort and proper support. The quality of this layer ensures the mattress has the endurance and longevity you come to expect from a 100% U.S. made memory foam mattress.

The 4Sleep Side Edge Support System
The 4Sleep side edge support system is currently unique to our mattress. No one else has a system like it. The side edge support system keeps you from feeling like the side of the bed can collapse. It also increases your available sleep surface, and keeps you from rolling out of bed. The 4Sleep mattress is designed to gently nudge you back from the edge.

Cooling Like No Other:
The 4Sleep mattress uses advanced memory foam that actually pulls the heat away from your body and down through the mattress. These types of memory foam are called “open cell” foams. The better the open cell technology used, the cooler the foam will feel. We use high quality open cell memory foam that will sleep cooler than many other types of latex, spring, air or water beds.

The 4Sleep mattress is perfect for just about anyone. You also get 100 nights to try it in your home, free shipping to your door and a 10 year warranty you’ve come to expect from a 100% American made mattress.

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