ESPN's SportsNation puts together 'Derek Jeter's Dating Diamond' ESPN's SportsNation puts together 'Derek Jeter's Dating Diamond'

Sportsnation derek jeter dating diamond. Derek jeter's dating diamond vs. 5 other all-star 'players' - mtv

What we're trying to say is that he managed to date a lot of women in his time as a well known athlete, and the folks at ESPN's SportsNation put together a 'diamond' of all of the famous models, actresses and musicians that have been spotted out and about with Jeter, and what positions they'd play in a defensive lineup.

Hannah Davis, the swimsuit model Jeter recently dumped, is at the 1 fielding position at the pitchers spot. For more information please read our Privacy Policy. See on justkui raamat, aga tegelikult hoopis mng.

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Throughout Jeters entire career, one noticeable statistic actually has nothing to do with anything that hes done on the baseball field. He made his MLB debut with the Reds in. While I would strongly disagree with both of these statements, I understand the frustration with the parade of goodbye tributes that have made into one giant Farewell Jeter tour.

The "SportsNation" graph might not showcase the players professional highlights, but it sure proves he bats a thousand when it comes to the ladies.

In other words, The Captain has a rather sizable dating record. Hell, even Tom Brady has admitted to man-crushing on Derek Jeter. November was neither the best hitter nor fielder during his 20 years in baseball.

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Derek Jeter has had a storied career on and off the field. Olbermann even closed out his near-seven-minute anti-Jeter rant with a nod to the notorious rumor.

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The New York Yankees shortstop has enough famous exes to fill all nine positions on a baseball diamond, plus a designated hitter. What more could the ladies and a good portion of the men of New York want?

Minka Kelly is at the 2 position at catcher. As mentioned above, he has racked up an impressive list of celebrity ladies.

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Best online dating herpes in addition to being a really damn good hitter and making some jaw-droppingly stunning plays that have earned him a guaranteed spot in Cooperstown, Jeter charmed the New York sports media, whose glare ranges from irritating to debilitating hey there, A-Rod.

Whatever way you want to put it, that's impressive even from a sheer numbers point of view.

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That says a lot coming from a Boston bro—and one married to Gisele, no less. And last but not least we have Fury League, a. In fact, legions of fans are more than eager to earn their souvenir gift baskets, despite the less than savory sexual rumors about the Captain.

This is one of the more interesting things to pop up so far. Also, as far as the iffy history of athletes hosting Saturday Night Live go, he did a more than decent job playing a groupie in drag and debating Seth Meyers about whether he sucked. Humor, blue eyes, and Midwestern politeness: Sportsnation paid tribute with this Derek Jeters Dating Diamond graphic.

So, why do the critics keep comparing Jeter to the extreme?