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Beginning at on 6 January Strombolian activity generated an ash, gas, and water vapor emission that rose m and drifted SE, and ejected incandescent material m onto the flanks. These and subaerial tuff rings and lava flows at Ile de Caille and other nearby islands may represent a single large volcanic complex.

Original-Karton und Originalbroschur, im Schuber. Incandescent blocks rolled as far as m down the flanks. As of the 29th of April, IGEPN recorded a signal tremor type probably in relation with geothermal activity under the volcano. Reventador has been the source of numerous lava flows as well as explosive eruptions that were visible from Quito in historical time.

Ratiatum, founded under Augustusdeveloped more quickly than Nantes and was a major port in the region. During September gas emissions with low ash content rose as high as 1. Incandescent material was ejected m above the crater, causing weak avalanches of material around the crater area and in some vegetated areas.

New York, New York: IGEPN reported from the visual observation of a plume of steam and ash rising to a height of meters, on March 18 at 8: Nantes was at the point where the river current and the tides cancelled each other out, resulting in siltation and the formation of the original islands.

On 19 May the Centro Universitario de Estudios e Investigaciones de Vulcanologia - Universidad de Colima reported that during the previous week seismic data revealed 25 high-frequency events, 15 long-period events, 2. During August ash-and-steam emissions were observed rising at most 2 km above the crater and drifting NW, W, and SW.

Numerous historical eruptions, mostly documented by acoustic signals, have occurred at Kick 'em Jenny sincewhen an eruption cloud rose m above the sea surface. The rate of explosions increased to per hour on 16 April; explosions sometimes caused structures in Panimache, Morelia, La Reina, and Alotenango 8 km ENE to vibrate.

On 13 March a pyroclastic flow traveled m down the S flank. A small lahar descended the W flank the next day. Nighttime crater incandescence was visible, and rumbling was heard in areas within km.


In Nantes the Loire had divided into a number of channels, creating a dozen islands and sand ridges. Paris Centre Georges Pompidou ; unpag. Many buildings were built or rebuilt including the cathedral and the castleand the University of Nantes —the first in Brittany—was founded in Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum, During May sulfur dioxide emissions were below detectable limits 8.

During September gas-and-ash plumes rose 1 km at most and drifted N and NW.

Small, intermittent gas emissions mostly stayed near the crater rim and on rare occasions rose no higher than m above the rim.

Minor ashfall was reported S of the volcano on 6 November, and small lahars descended the W flank during 6 and November. The last major explosive eruption from Fuego took place inproducing spectacular pyroclastic flows visible from Antigua. Explosions were detected at and on 7 February, at on 8 February, at on 12 February, and at on 13 February.

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A Speed dating toulouse aout 2014 of phreatic explosions on 15 August started with two small ones detected at and The glacier inside the crater had almost disappeared. Text in French and Italian. Urban Art in a Material World. The Alert Level was lowered to Yellow the second lowest level on a four-color scale and the maritime exclusion zone was adjusted to a radius of 1.

Sand siltation required dredging, which weakened the quays; one quay collapsed in This effusive activity has grown the internal cone in the Mckenney Crater where strombolian explosions reach meters above the crater.

Much of the old town and all of the Isle of Nantes consist of backfill.