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They carried on with the shipbuilding tradition. There were also four ventilation shafts along its line of route which are no longer visible. Init is believed that David Land bought the baths and they were advertised 9 for sale in the local press and were described as follows: Inship Unison lists the owners as Farrow jr, later William Farrow jun, both of Sunderland.

I would not be surprised to find its end was in or about The site of the roundhouse, in the fields between Spa Lane London building dating from 1702 Manor Road is in a distinct dip in the surrounding land and would have been a very poor choice for the site of a windmill.

My ancestors were the two William Farrows who were in Bishopwearmouth in the s and it was great to see the ships that they owned. Thank you yet again, Stan. Also, as there are suggestions that people were carried on the railway, albeit unofficially, it has claims to being one of the first passenger carrying trains in the world.

The ensuing obscurity of ownership led to large areas of the land being left derelict up to at least the s. Baron Street as it was named was never built probably because of the close proximity to the John Pit rail line or perhaps the need for new houses was not as great?

By aboutit then became the property of The Woodcock and Eckersley families. These quays or tippers were located on the maps below. By way of interest, each plan also suggests a Crooke Hall Colliery existed as it is mentioned and indicated to be on the left hand side of the plan.

An rating valuation describes the "mill with engine house, willeying rooms, drying house, etc. Bentleys rented a room, a rag machine and power from Metcalfe. James Marchent died at his home in Bishopthorpe Terrace, York on August 30th aged 69, leaving a wife and four children.

So thank you so much for the information so far and would love to be included in the history of this to be able to pass this on to my grandchildren.

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It had the capacity to haul 30 tons up a one in thirty six gradient, or a load of ninety tons on the level, at a speed of between three and five miles per hour. July was a notably warm month in the CET seriesnot only for July but for any summer month. I wish, Aidan, that I could offer you a magic wand - to help encourage regular folks to contribute inspirational stories to your site about Sunderland life.

The nature of the Round House or Windmill is more speculative. There are a couple of rows of terraced houses, a pub, a church, a marina for 90 boats and a wonderful sense of peace and quiet.

This example is about the best copy made. He had a fixed contract as a "funambulist" at the Rotherville Gardens in Essex from and appeared at Foresters, Chatham Recreation Grounds, Kent in As it happens, I do have a picture of the Post Office and one of one of the old bakeries.

A pipe conveyed the ground flocks and dust into a wooden shed, and thus both sheds were set on fire. Peter reveals that every part of his body has gained or increased in attraction to other surfaces, and he can stick people or objects on his back.