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The singer was interested in Pauly D and pretty much blew off her date 'All I want is to be in a great relationship with Pauly,' Aubrey admitted to camera. His date was really bright and smart and she was giving it right back to him.

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Aubrey helped Willis McGahee get ready and had a frank discussion with him Not a bad problem: Brandi Glanville told Darcy that she was attracted to Calum Best despite a recent argument 'He got really pissed,' Somaya and swift dating told the therapist.

And I don't have that a lot. She endured a rough childhood, including an abusive relationship with a teenage boyfriend, and a stint in a gang where she was stabbed and shot two times.

Reece was phased gradually out of the show over the course of the second season and the finale shows her packing her bags and moving back to Los Angeles.

The singer told relationship expert Dr Darcy Sterling that an ex-boyfriend beat her Candid conversation: Josh Murray was told by Brandi what to say to his date 'I made Josh naughty and he was lighting up. Darcy listened as Somaya explained that she loved woman since age seven 'I had never heard the word gay or lesbian.

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I could tell halfway through the date he was liking her,' Brandi said. He yelled at me and I started crying.

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However, Brandi admitted to the other girls later that she fears there may indeed be a dark side to Josh, telling them: I know I'm not a bad person - I didn't deserve it.

The first two seasons document her move to New York City, her struggles to build her music career and her tensions with her manager, Maurice. The reality star admitted that she was scared of Calum's two sides but liked him anyway 'We have chemistry.

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When she said it made her 'hate' men and think they are 'disgusting,' Dr Sterling admitted: Brandi and Calum talked and he apologised for yelling at her when drunk 'He's kind of a peacemaker until he tells you to piss off after four beers,' Brandi said of Calum.

Darcy listened as Somaya discussed being viciously attacked 'And then he was like, ''If you're not going to be with me, you're not going to be with anyone.

Darcy told the celebrities they were going on dates with a partner telling them what to say Dating coach: There's a connection that's not just, ''Oh he's attractive and funny.

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And this has been the story of my life - I pick the wrong guys. Maybe a little aggressive - but not a bad problem to have.

He has to cheat and be this player.

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