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Our writers hold Ph. Many people argue that the threat of international terrorism with its fanatic ideology and its chief weapon, the suicide bomber, is much different than threats faced in the past whether from witches or communists. Teachers may want to introduce the film with the following commentary and question.

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In the play some characters value their reputation and other characters do not seem to care about their reputation as much. By confessing to consorting with the Devil, Abigail frees herself from guilt in the eyes of Salem.

Ap world history essays nfl dissertation conclusion what to include cte football research paper linguistic chauvinism essay uba essay. The number of terrorism prosecutions that have resulted in juries acquitting the accused are a cautionary tale.

Parris never had many issues that would ruin his reputation until something out of the ordinary happened.

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Easy essay on environment pollution publication dissertation kostenurkite charles 1 civil war essay conclusions over consumerism essays about education? Teachers may want to remind students that those who argue that society needs to allow disclosure of private information or reduce protections for accused persons and scale back civil liberties are trusting the government not to go too far and to avoid targeting innocent people.

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What did they do that was right? Abigail Williams, accused of being seen dancing with the devil, confesses her friends names to the court in order to save herself from being deemed a witch: Obtain all required permissions from your school administration before showing any film.

Debates can be organized for any of the topics raised in the discussion questions or in the assignments. There is no one correct answer.

John Proctor paid a terrible price for his dalliance with Abigail, which stirred feelings in her that he did not anticipate. I've taken 20 pages of notes from 4sources so far. In both situations, there was a feeling of hysteria, and the usual safeguards for protecting people were not observed.

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In both situations, many innocent people were wrongly accused. By accusing all 72 victims of witchery, Danforth hopes to promote his position as a judge and increase his chances of becoming a respected judge in Salem.

The biggest test of them all is when John Proctor, a well-known name in the town and having a clean slate