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And hey, it's better to reach high and fail than to succeed at being mediocre, and if James Garner liked cars and wanted car chases, well, that seemed like a small price to pay in exchange for arguably the Rockford hook up private eye series to ever air.

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The most prominent of this bunch was Richie Brockelmanplayed by Dennis Dugan. In each of the films, the passage of time became a major plot hook.

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The plots often centered around intricate conspiracies and were often just too damned convoluted and confusing to be satisfactorily resolved within an hour-long TV program, resulting in some occasionally jaw-dropping, head-spinning wrap-ups. For our phones to be out of action for less than an hour is quite astonishing.

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Just as co-creator Roy Huggins fooled around with the conventions of the western genre in his classic TV series Maverick which also starred Garnerso did he wreak havoc on the P. The Rockford Files was a perfect storm of acting, directing and writing; an astounding and rare blend of warmth, humour, wit and intelligence that celebrated decency and loyalty.

But with so many great actors reprising their original roles and so many loose ends from the original series being tied up, there was a warm sense of homecoming and continuity about the whole affair. Isaac Hayes, for example, appeared three times as tough-talking and hot-tempered Gandolph Fitch, the one-time "Hammer of C Block," who never could get Rockford's name right; John, former outlaw biker turned criminal lawyer, who replaced Beth as Jim's lawyer and Meghan, a blind psychologist, fiercely independant and, it seemed for a while, Jim's one true love.

No surprise, I guess: If only I could say the same about BT.

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SBC provided excellent customer service, any related software issues were dealt promptly. And other shows were padded out by Rockford hook up few too many car chases.

But, to their credit, the writers and directors never let us forget it his age or his limitations.

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Cowardly he makes Jim look like Herculesvenal, selfish, without any redeeming qualities to speak of except, perhaps, his overpowering drive to survive, a suckerfish trying to swim with the sharks, Jim nonetheless remains loyal to him throughout the series.

The Rockford movies may also have been the first time we've seen an elderly version of a private eye we already knew and loved.

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We moved to them some time ago because we were impressed by their courteous and efficient service. So happy we upgraded our old system to SBC Horizon.

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Actor Joe Santos has since appeared in about a million movies and TV shows, almost always as a cop, it seems. Reactions to the announcement of both projects were far from enthusiastic.

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I'll get back to you The new bill… Caroline PollardManager Anderson Midland Salisbury Raymond Brown Group Nothing is ever too much trouble; it is always a pleasure to deal with any of your staff and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our associates.

Constantly beleagured LAPD Sergeant later Lieutenant Dennis Becker was the mandatory police contact, but his friendship with Jim was more than a token, never-seen allusion.

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Anton Escalera West Sussex So happy we upgraded our old system to a cloud phone system What a fantastic system!