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They don't seem much different from humans, and some can even be married. And Kuruna in Rune Factory 3.

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Our Dwarves Are All the Same: Considering the Dating Sim aspect of the games, this trope's presence has led many to complain about the " forced couples ".

Royals Who Actually Do Something: Despite it being stated in an interview that both are related to the king the two's relation to one another is still only suggested.

They don't die; they return home to the Forest of Beginnings. The de Sainte-Coquille family. Likewise, Frontier has the fishing pole as the strongest weapon.

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Only one is into mining and forging, and the other gets offended by the short bearded man stereotype. As each games get's increasingly eccentric characters the lead obtains more and more aspects of this.

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Melody wears this ensemble in the first game, and Alicia wears a more Stripperific variation in the second. The villages in these games tend to be populated mostly by people who aren't even old enough to drink.

Played straight with Erik though, and the less we talk about Mist the better.

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Everyone is either single, widowed, separated or single-parent with no further elaboration. The first example hasn't gone unnoticedas Kross in Frontier comments about how someone destroyed a tank with a watering can.

What saves this from the effects of this trope is that you get 9 of them in one seed packet.

Rosetta, Lara and Bianca live on their own but you know their fathers are back in Kardia though the issue of their nonexistent mothers still apply. Mentioned above in Never Say "Die": Considering that building up Relationship Values is a major part of the game, I'd say this trope, normally a side thing in most RPGs, is at least a quarter of the gameplay.

A borderline case with the flowers, most notoriously the Emery Flower.

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Danny has a family back in his hometown, Selphy is a runaway and Melody's orphan status is a plot point. Only three are residents of the island and only two are related to anyone. Everyone else is either raised in a single-parent household or Happily Adopted. A requirement, since you have to speak to everyone to get all the basic tools, and in Rune Factory 3 your first request is literally to introduce yourself to everyone in town and then ship one item.

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Ivan and Raguna are both members of the royal family of Norad, though since only Ivan is aware of this Raguna may not count. Arthur, the actual prince from the same game, spends most of his time sorting out paperwork and working an import shop. Played so straight in the first game that the human who was trained by a dwarf matches every last cliche.

Rf4 dating and marriage only does it require 26 gold in Frontier, it takes days which is a full year by the in-game calendar to grow without aid. It's not that surprising since this occurs in most visual novels and Serious dating relationships dating sim games with a designated "main heroine.

The player character can come across as this at times, too, if the player chooses the "wrong" romance choice.

This video-game series provides examples of:

Also Rf4 dating and marriage that they're responsible for shipping the player's crops and importing most products not produced locally. Protagonists' tendency to lose their memories is reaching this level. And of course will gladly follow you to any dungeon. Mist natch is utterly blind to Zavier's crush on her.

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Kardia in particular has exactly zero couples, yet no shortage of children. Robe and Wizard Hat: The family works for its wealth, and uses its wealth and conncections to fund public spaces and organize most of the festivals.

Too Awesome to Use: Every youngster has at least one related guardian and, shockingly, Eunice even has a mother AND father.

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