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Photosynthesis in the open sea occurs in the zone. Yahoo is now a part of oath

More specifically, the chloroplasts contain stacks of disk-shaped thylakoidswithin which the light-dependent reactionsoccur. Photosynthesis is the process which is used by plants to prepare their own food, as they are autotrophs.

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The open water zone reaches down to where sunlight can still penetrate. Even the plants and algae that are completely under the surface are exposed to enough sunlight to conduct photosynthesis. As you go down from the surface, it increases, reaches a peak, then falls off again.

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Sharks, fish, whales, dolphins, plankton, krill, squid, swordfish, and cuttlefish are some of the vast amount of species found in the open-ocean. The open sea zone is also known as the pelagic zone.

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Latitude All regions of the ocean may look alike at first glance, but there are actually many important variations with both season and location that determine how much photosynthetic activity takes place. Get personalised ads from our trusted partners This doesn't mean more ads, it means personalised ones.

Learn More about how Oath uses this data. Organisms that live here include tadpoles, fish, and non deep-rooted plants. By John Brennan; Updated April 25, Just like plants on land, ocean-going plankton need light from the sun to prosper and grow.

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The deepest, darkest area of the ocean beyond the edge of the continental shelf. The open ocean is also known as the pelagic zone.

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What is the open water zone? Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that takes place in chlorophyll in order to make glucose sugar which is then used by the plant as food.

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In some ocean waters, nutrients are available closer to the surface, and this is where most photosynthesis takes place. Over 90 percent of the ocean surface area is open ocean.