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Photosynthesis experiment elementary school, exploring how plants & trees breathe

Plants with much light will thrive because of the process of photosynthesis. In fact, it is one of the easiest lessons to transform into a kinesthetic learning experiencea science experiment or an art lesson.

Who is Frederick Griffith?

Plants grown in darkness will die. In this form the plants can use the glucose,and water for food and release the oxygen back into the air for consumption by animals, including humans.

When this happens the water, carbon dioxide and sunlight join together to form a sugar called glucose, plus water, and oxygen. Therefore, mice injected with a heat-killed smooth strain will live. Remember the protective capsule? The first, Type III-S smooth is covered with a polysaccharide capsule, a capsule made up of carbohydrates and sugars which protects it from the host's immune system meaning the host cannot fend off the bacteria on its own.

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Keep in mind that everything alive has DNA, even simple cells like bacteria! The carbon dioxide is in the air as a result of the air that animals, including humans, breath out.

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Explore how the experiment was conducted and how this experiment changed how the modern world looks at bacteria. Most importantly, it has helped researchers and scientists in the medical community discover how to create more efficient antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.

Frederick Griffith was a British bacteriologist a scientist who studies bacteriawho lived from to Likewise neither could exist without sunlight and water.

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Without oxygen to breathe animals could not live. Griffith used two strains of bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniaewhich infect mice.

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While trying to find a cure for pneumonia, Griffith made a major scientific discovery. Without any other treatment, the rough bacteria strain did not kill the mice, but the smooth bacteria strain did.

The knowledge that bacteria can change has helped scientists in many different ways.

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However, when a heated smooth strain was combined with bacteria from the rough strain, this new strain of bacteria killed the mice. Plant leaf cells are unique in that they also contain special components called chloroplasts.

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It is this substance which gives plant leaves their green appearance and enables them to absorb sunlight. Transformation can help scientists find new treatments for these strains of bacteria that won't respond to medicines we currently have and use.

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PHOTO synthesis -- Students can draw the process of photosynthesis taking effort to include every element of the process. Fifth graders should learn from this lesson that photosynthesis is the backbone of the most basic and necessary relationship on earth.