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The historians conducted their first interviews just four days after the German siege had ended. Public Health Service and then by the entire U. Your background study should have familiarized you with the material to be covered during the interview. Since the local schools only offered classes to African Americans through the eighth grade, he enrolled his children in a school that was miles away from their home.

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Our practice often requires a series of ethically sensitive decisions within the context of a specific interview relationship. An essential first step is deciding whether or not an interview should be transcribed. Also, group interviews are hard to record and difficult to control because of the number of soldiers involved in the session and the likelihood of having to deal with a barrage of diverse information from numerous sources.

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Marshall, the Army established a program to preserve and collect documentary sources that could be used to prepare the Army's official history of the war.

Do not let one or two soldiers dominate the discussion by directing queries to others in the group.


The format listed below provides an easily read transcript: There are currently fifteen treasures on display in Turning the Pages including: A quick turnover time is required in order to increase the usefulness of [31] the EOT interview to the next commander.

This is also an opportunity to discuss the planned final product, its disposition, and access policies.

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These phrases may reveal much about the interviewee's personal character. Decide whether to leave them alone or to form several sentences out of separate or incomplete phrases. Barbara Chasemore remembered that 'everybody knew everybody else and specially the shopkeepers.

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MHDs may want to keep a log or inventory with information on their oral histories. I can remember going to the butchers and I asked for a quarter of a pound of mince because I only wanted a small amount 'cos I was just doing something, I was stuffing something you see.

When preparing for a biographical or exit interview, do not hesitate to contact persons who knew or worked with the interviewee.

Attached to major command elements as well as to divisions, tactical regiments, and separate brigades, MHDs routinely conduct interviews to supplement information contained in other sources.