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As I snatched a quick glimpse of my daughter on all fours getting fucked my favorite positionI found myself looking at Jane, who was looking right at me.

If she only knew! She then added, "I'd rather spend the day with the birthday girl. God, it was heaven. And God did I come hard.

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I began rubbing myself, again closing my eyes, this time deciding just to give in to my lesbian incest fantasy. Once she was dressed properly, making me feel strangely disappointed, she gave me a hug, her tits crushing into mine, and said, as she gave me a quick peck on the lips, "Happy birthday, Mom.

Winston was the principal. I wonder if it was a like mother, like daughter thing Being horny for your hot daughter? There's no explanation I can give you. So, unsure what to say, I decided not to mention anything, but I did investigate.

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I pulled the thong, still damp, to my nose. I noticed Tess was home, which was rather unusual, so I headed to her room to see if she was okay; usually she would text me if she was coming home sick or if she forgot something which she often did to have me bring it to her truth be told I was pretty much her servant.

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She didn't say a word, just immediately stood up and began undressing.


Shall I stick a little candle in my twat for you to blow out? Winston when Nicole moaned, "Oh fuck, Tess, you're so much better than the boys.

Then I remembered Tess's incest statement. She stood up once her thong was on and asked, "Like my outfit?


Had she replaced it with anything? When I did come home later, nervous both about what to say to Tess and what she may say to me, she acted normal. Suddenly Tess's cell phone rang.

I was imaging my daughter with Mrs.

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I backed away as Tess got off the bed. Then I cursed myself for thinking such inappropriate thoughts. I guess that answered my question!

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When and why had she taken it off? God, I wished I knew how to get back in the lesbian game. I was about to burst into her room when I heard a female voice, "How bad do you want it, Tess?

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was shrugging out of my robe. I ended up coming in my front room while staring at my daughter, imagining her wanting me. I hadn't wielded or been fucked by a strap-on in twenty-five years. Who knows, you might like it.

Why are you back here? I couldn't resist, my hand went to my panties as I listened to my daughter having lesbian sex. Yet, even though I had only seen my daughter getting fucked for a few seconds, I couldn't get the image out of my head.