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Mattress Delivery Video
How to prepare your home for your new bed delivery.
Mattress Delivery. New bed. Better sleep. Custom comfort mattress

Hey everyone it’s Demian Ross with Custom comfort mattress. We created this video to give you an Idea of what to expect when your mattress is being delivered.I want to give you some quick tips on things to think about to make the delivery process as smooth as possible. Be here during your delivery time we give a small window for delivery and one of the things that is important is that you’re home during that entire window. If you have some sort of special needs with carpet or flooring let us know, our drivers actually carry little booties that they can put on over their shoes to make sure to protect your investment in your flooring. Also if you have small children or pets its really great if they are in another room. Something else to think about is to keep a clear path from the front door to the bedroom door. You just want to look at things that might be against the wall in corners on the floor, you want to make sure that nothing can get hit or damaged or be in the way of the delivery guys, so in this case we have a basket in the corner and a small doggie toy, if we have a children’s toy we want to move these out of the way too. Ok so one of the things you want to do is remove the bedding, now you want to remove everything. Like you can see this bed has nothing on it, there is no pillows there is no sheets, theres no blankets. Another thing you might not be thinking about is lets get everything from underneath the bed out. We want to keep the room as clear as possible so it makes a really fast transition for the delivery guys to get your bed out of the room and bring in your new bed. Alright now that your room is all cleared out this is a great time to vacuum or sweep if you have hardwood floors. So take the opportunity while they have taken your old bed out and they’re bringing in your new bed to grab a vacuum an area that probably hasn’t been vacuumed in a while. So i’m going to do it for this customer and we’ll vacuum. So your beds been delivered, it’s all setup. It’s waiting for you to have a great night’s sleep. Two things you can do. One is go to our website at custom comfort dot com and register your warranty. Two is tell a friend and share us through facebook and twitter and any of those kind of social media sites. We grow our business based on referrals. Now i’m not saying this tonight sleep on the bed for a while, start getting that great night’s sleep and then refer us. If you have please call us we are completely here for you. Again thanks for watching. I’d ask you to go to our website custom comfort mattress dot com and we hope you have a great night’s sleep.

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