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She yells out she'll fix this for him, and Tiny looks back at her before leaving. After about 20 questionnaires answered. It was initially frustrating, but after a while, because of the quality matches, I was glad to wait instead of making it a statistical game.

Tiny agrees to get back together and they kiss. Do you have any advice for the other LunchClick users? I was introduced to this app through LOLA.

Tiny-Lola Relationship

For my second time meeting up with a different ladyit took two weeks for us to meet up. I was keen to find a decent app that could help me meet more people in Singapore.

We were talking at length and sharing about our interests.

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Tiny and Lola hug In ThrowbackThursdayoutside a restaurant, Lola takes a photo of Tiny before telling him she's organizing a protest in his honor. Tiny spits out the pizza since another guy brought it for his girl.

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Lola tells Shay that she has no chance with Tiny because he likes butts, and Shay has a small one. The third time with yet another lady is expected to happen in a week from now.

Miles doesn't remember sending the pictures due to the narcotics he previously ingested. About a week, I think.

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While Tiny and his friends are at The Dot, Grace refers to Lola as "his little girlfriend" to Tiny and comments on how she has been ignoring Tiny's texts. Zig mentions he can't believe Maya stood him up, and Lola checks his texts to confirm that she did stand Zig up. Tiny fights back before Ms.

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Lola says she brought it up with Simpson but he told her to get lost. Lola doesn't know that Shay still has feelings for Tiny at this point.

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Unsurprisingly, my profile got approved within 15 minutes!