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Although it was the second EP by the group, [6] it was the first on Reunion Records and the first under their current name.

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The group changed their name to Anthem Lights before any other projects were released. Vocalist Kyle Kupecky comments about the meaning behind the name: I can't imagine what he expected - he basically moved to a town where the people seemed to have accepted him pretty openly, and then outed them to the entire world in a variety of media as football-obsessed racist hicks who would sacrifice their children's futures to see the local high school win another championship.

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Powell joined the group at the last minute. This is their first album with Spencer Kane.

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The only difference is the background color. Bissinger is cautiously optimistic, and while he's still occasionally clumsy endless reference to "rap phrases"he's definitely got clear eyes and a full heart.

Key aspects of the original book are thrown into a very different relief.

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Texas broke having seen nothing for their troubles. I'm not a fan of gratuitous foul language in books.

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I can understand wanting to defend yourself a bit, but you reap what you sow, I guess. It's also a bit of a forum for Bissinger to take some shots back at Odessa and the people who were pissed at him for writing Friday Night Lights.

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It is like the "moral" from FNL has just continued. Getting the insight into him as a writer and person makes me interested in the book he just wrote on his struggles with his autistic son, which probably explains even more about who he is.

On February 2,the band released a compilation album called Better Together: I think this guy may be really a brilliant, troubled artist. Well, he says as much in this, all while giving a gripping and emotional look at his relationshipmwith FNL key subject and extraordinarily tragic figure Boobie Miles.

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Well, he says as much in this, all while giving a gripping and emotional look at his relationshipmwith FNL key su Buzz is another person I find fascinating see a theme with my last three reads? I was mildly interested in the continuation of the main character and would have liked it a lot more if the major focus of the story wasn't how much money the author has given Boobie over the years.

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The Mixtape, which features an acoustic version of their song Better Together, along with solo music from each of the members On March 16,they released their sixth album Hymns Vol. On October 12,they released their fifth album, Painted Skies.

The EP was released independently on May 26,

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