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Once in the Academy as a recruit, you will be required to perform physically at much higher levels.

The first part is taken after placement on the eligible list and is administered at a City facility. Passing the PAT indicates only the minimum level of physical ability required to begin Academy training.

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A Police Officer must always behave professionally in the face of provocation. To be considered for hiring, you must have successfully completed all steps in the selection process. Your score on the PFQ is advisory.

Officers must be open-minded, fair, unbiased and sensitive to deal with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and life-styles. The list is not intended to be exhaustive or to describe every task required of a Police Officer.

Police Officers must be able to work under a great deal of pressure, yet still maintain a clear head and a positive attitude and work ethic. Once in the Academy, you will be required to perform physically at much higher levels.

Most assignments to higher pay grades are the result of Police Department internal selection procedures. Officers also recognize and gather evidence at the scene of a crime, and they are responsible for the safe storage and transportation of this evidence.

Police Officers work in all parts of the City, under all types of conditions, with all types of people. Police Officers may be required to work the front desk at a police station. This involves Department-approved techniques and equipment such as verbalization, control holds, batons, guns and handcuffs to physically subdue suspects while treating them with as much dignity as possible and using the minimum force necessary.

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There are also administrative and specialist assignments for Sergeants. In doing so, the Officer must simultaneously Lapd personal qualifications essay pqe numerous factors, recognize patterns, and develop theories based on available information and evidence.

Police Officers must be able to respond to calls for help by using directional information such as north-south, left-right, and so on.

A promotion may also be accomplished between Detective and Sergeant. Beginning Januarycandidates will be required to submit their Fitness Logs as part of the Department Interview, as it will be considered in your evaluation.

The current standard is: Police Officers must develop problem solving and reasoning skills in order to initiate innovative solutions to difficult and unique problems which are faced while on duty. The first two events will each be performed more than once; the average of the attempts is used in the cumulative score.

Participation in the class does not automatically qualify you to be hired. Police Officers also must interview and obtain information from victims and witnesses of crimes in a manner appropriate to the situation and culture of the people involved. The core curriculum consists of extensive physical and psychological preparatory training, instruction in various academic subject areas, practical instruction in drill and equipment care and usage, and work experience.

Police Officers must be able to respond to calls for help by using directional information such as north-south, left-right, and so on.

This physical training class is NOT mandatory and is only designed to assist you as a Police Officer candidate.

Participants must wear athletic supportive clothing, workout gear and suitable running shoes. It is crucial to initiate contact with members of the community to better understand the needs and problems of a particular area.

Contact the Personnel Department's Public Safety Bureau at for information on document submission. If you are unable to perform any one of these exercises, you should initiate a regular physical fitness program to Match making for marriage in tamil yourself for the Academy.

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This involves numerous activities including answering phone calls from the public; taking reports; explaining the law and LAPD policies; listening and responding to complaints about police service, and handling complaints from citizens who walk into the station. Officers must organize this information for use during their shift.

Reassignment from Police Officer I to Police Officer II is automatic upon successful completion of 18 months of service the Academy training and field probation period.