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The actresses have been spotted flirting on Twitter since February 13 Dolled up: Early Friday, the two were seen in an intimate embrace while waiting for their car outside of Real Food Daily restaurant in West Hollywood, California.

I was wondering if you could share a little bit about how you got into that. Kate, thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

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I did have a battle with it, and I still battle with it, although not as much now. Shaw came out as gay back in and split from her husband, who then also went on to date someone of the same Kate moennig dating 2018.

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That never really bothered me as much as just knowing who this person is as a whole and what her history is.

I do read quite a bit of scripts, and there is not a lot out there that really grabs my attention. Reports of a relationship only began about week prior to their public appearance The couple has a son, born in July She is a Democrat currently serving as U.

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And many younger girls still are finding it, even now. AE is rooting for you!

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And new pictures suggest the pair are certainly going strong. A show made by female writers and show runners who were representing lesbians in a positive way. Since the divorce was finalized, Heard and Depp have released a joint statement about their relationship that she has pinned to the top of her Twitter account and has worked most of to raise awareness about domestic violence.

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I know you probably get asked about her in every interview, but AfterEllen has a big fan base for Shane, as you can imagine. The Texan bisexual also made lots of headlines in during her tumultuous divorce with Johnny Depp that was laced with accusations of verbal and physical abuse.

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So I was excited to have that kind of female energy again. Maybe even do some method acting? Scroll down for video Confirmation? DeLaria and her former partner Chelsea Fairless announced they had called it quits just a few short days after their scheduled wedding date.

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But a couple years ago, the music stopped. I enjoy her independence and fearlessness.

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And are you definitely returning to Ray Donovan as Lena for Season 5? It is being featured again on the heels of the news that The L Word is coming back to our small screens, and Kate is co-producing the show! Then get in line. Cara Delevingne Image via Instagram Model turned actress Cara Delevingne has been living the adventurous life this year, recently posing with a real lion that matches her signature ink on her knuckle.

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In her memoir, Velasquez reveals that she had her daughter with a previous partner, a woman named Lauren. Can you share a little about the film and what drew you to the role? Because actually, it is a bizarre thing to be so loyal to.

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The character of Shane really broke the mold, too. But this year-old lesbian Irish actress is actually about as kind as they come. Evan Rachel Wood was seen cuddling with Katherine Moennig, as the pair waited for their car outside of Real Food Daily in West Hollywood, California on Friday - following reports of a budding relationship Wood, 36,had her arms wrapped around Moennig, 27, and Evan reciprocated the affection by holding the actress' hands.