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Grandmother then raises the stakes. She's now the one who's actively trying to help him start his life from scratch, and make a better future for himself.

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Narrating the story of two lovers and their tribulations, it certainly follows the directing style of Yoon Suk-ho, who also directed the previous two dramas.

I can't watch slasher films because of the "Okay, everybody stay together! Im Kwon-taek's Strokes of Fire, in which he played a mentor to the lead character, became the first Korean film to win a prize at the Cannes film festival Best Director.

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Jang Hyuk, in his first TV role since he completed his military service, plays Doctor Ki-suh, a highly competent but personally intolerable surgeon. I don't like melodramas. Still, because of the hodgepodge of incidents and styles, there's probably something in My Lovely Sam-Soon for everybody.

In fact, I was wondering why the PD chose someone who cannot act to take upon the lead role. Hee-won helps Song-yee to get a job at Dating site stalking amusement park, after Song-yee screws up at her previous job.


The English title isn't even on the DVD case. One you can happily live with, because you care about the characters. You can expect a tassle of attention seeking and backstabbing events.

Ju Oh-sung has benefited tremendously from his daughter's success, recently being cast in 'Les Miserables.

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The usual scene for fighting, the street outside "Yeomi-gwan" is also used for the poster of My Tutor Friend. This could be said to be where the story picks up.

Ahn also took an active role in supporting Korea's Screen Quota System after the US began to place pressure on Korea to abolish the system in the late s. This regular "oppa" big brother role seems to be tailored just for him.

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Produced by Hwang In-roi. Furious at her new dependency, she flees to Seoul, intending to return to graduate school, demanding that her family stay away until she finds her way again. Characterization, at least by TV drama standards, is quite good, although a few missteps along the line don't allow this drama to reach the depths of shows like Ruler of Your Own World.

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Lee Wan could be said to have brought in a breath of fresh air. Yes, it all sounds terribly predictable, but don't worry.

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As an adult, Ahn's filmography resembles a list of Korean cinema's greatest achievements. Once again, the court politics mixed in with high school politics add a great twist to this drama.

She is the one who provides the soul for the drama with her forgetful character and cutsey performance.

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The show than fast forwards 10 years later, as Joon-sang and Yoo-jin have both grown up. Joo Ji-hoon far left is also great as Shin, the troubled monarch to be he does great even though he's almost always dressed in questionable pink frocks.

She then saves him and runs away.

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