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In season two, Caroline was fed Damon's blood to heal her injuries; however, Katherine kills her and Caroline feeds on a bag of human blood at the hospital, turning into a vampire. He pretends to Caroline that his humanity is off and they get locked up together in a bed and breakfast in Grove Hill by Damon and Elena.

He had an older sister Vicki Donovanwho was turned into a vampire, and was later killed because she was unable to control her blood lust.

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Caroline eventually turns her humanity back on. I think of how even really messy stories can come together in a really pretty way, when you look back at it.

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Her friendship with Damon ends because he left Bonnie while he desiccated himself in a coffin until Elena wakes, so Bonnie would never see him again. In season six, she realizes she has feelings for Stefan, despite his attempts to ignore her all summer.

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During season one, she starts a relationship with Matt Donovan. However, after a series of events that forces Matt to try and save Bonnie from being a bloodthirsty Supernatural Huntress, Matt is done fighting the war between humans and vampires.

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For more information and settings, go to Privacy Centre. Caroline saves her kids and Alaric from the recently returned Kai and helps Alaric open a school for child witches.

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But when she brings Klaus to the brink of death, Elijah does not kill him, as planned, and carries Klaus away before Bonnie could react. They make a deal with Rayna, but she did not tell them that she was going to be the next huntress.

He provides me a lot of cryptic and unhelpful statements like "It seems you already know what you should do" or "What do you think," that put the situation back on me where it properly belongs.

August, 1st day of Medical School.

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Finally, she forgave Damon. Except he's wearing a Greendale Community College hoodie, meaning he watches the TV show Community, which means he can't really be a terrible person as he has previously presented himself.

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Their relationship again becomes complicated when Stefan is forced to serve Cade in order to protect Caroline's daughters. However, upon finding the cure, Jeremy is killed by Silas. In Season Fivehe was possessed by a Traveler for a brief time, and was also involved with Nadia PetrovaKatherine's daughter.

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