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They had less than women in the same age range. The patronage of the arts afforded by the Medici family was another contributing factor. Lake Garda or Benaco is the largest of the Italian lakes and the most southerly one of the Sub-Alpine region.

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It is cut by many openings through which flow the rivers that rise in the central chain and empty into the Adriatic Sea. The group of the Terminio about feet highwhich contains Mt. The Salerno-Potenza-Taranto railroad lies along the whole course of this river.

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The tides of this sea vary by only eight or twelve inches; it abounds in coral banks, and anchovy, sardine, and tunny fishing is remunerative along the coasts of Sicily and Sardinia.

The lake in fact is a remnant of a larger one that covered nearly all of the valley of Chiana, and there is a project on foot to drain it dry.

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Circeo there lies a swampy expanse, 25 miles in length and from 10 to 11 miles in breadth, called in ancient times Agro Pomenzio, and now Pontine Marshes. Bears are still to be found in these mountains.

Lakes The Italian region has more lakes than rivers, especially on the plain of the Po, at the foot of the Alps.

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During the Napoleonic era toItaly was briefly united by Napoleon as the Italian Republic and later the Kingdom of Italy, becoming a client state of the French Republic. Pre-Alpine lakes These lakes that temper the climate of the Continental portion of the pre-Alpine region are one of the principal causes of the fertility of the soil, making possible the cultivation of the southern plains.

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In the valley of the Tolero or Sacco, near Frosinone, rise the Ernici volcanoes, of which the chief summits are those of Posi, Ticchiena, Callano, and of San Giuliano; and to the south of the plain through which the Volturno River flows stands the group of extinct craters that constitute Mt.

We find the name Italy in use, however, among Greek writers of the fifth and the fourth centuries B. The rivers of Romagna The Po di Volano, once a branch of the Po, with which river, however, it is no longer connected, rises in the springs of the plain near Cento; at Ferrara it divides into two branches, one of which is navigable and, flowing towards the east, empties into the sea at Porto Volano; the other branch, which is not available for navigation, turns towards the south-east, terminating against the embankment of the Reno, a river that rises near Prunetta, passes to the east of Bologna, flows by Pieve di Cento, and, turning towards the east, enters the old channel of the Po di Primaro and empties into the sea at Porto Primaro, after a course of miles.

Geographically, the Tiber is the second river of Italy, in relation to its basin, and the third, in relation to its length, the first and the second being the Po and the Adige respectively. The branches towards the north-east, that is towards the Adriatic Sea, are parallel, and perpendicular to the crest that separates the watersheds; they terminate at a short distance from the Emilian Way.

All the others, as Siena, PerugiaUrbinoand Pesaroare famous cities that flourished in past centuries; but they have not a brilliant future under present economical conditions.

The surface of its basin is 27 square miles and its mean flood is 53, cubic feet per second, but when at its height, more than 70, cubic feet. Of gaseous springs, there are in Italy the so-called fumaiole that emit aqueous vapour with carbonic acid, the boraciferous blowers of Tuscanyand the sulphur-producing spring of Pozzuoli which burst into an eruption in In the Middle Agesthe preference given to the Ghana free dating online roads over the Flaminian Way, left Umbria in an isolated position, on which account it lived apart a life of faith and of artistic inspiration all its own.

Volcanic lakes Volcanic lakes are very plentiful in the peninsula; they are so called because they occupy the craters of extinct volcanoes, which accounts for their small dimensions.

Antola and of Mt. The eastern range extends from the defile of Arquata to the Sangro River and is divided into three stretches, namely, the group of Pizzo di Sevo feetfrom the Tronto River to the Vomano; the Gran Sasso d'Italia, between the Vomano and the Pescara Rivers, the highest group of the peninsula, its greatest elevation being that of Mt.

The climate of the Marches is less mild than that of Tuscanyand agriculture is its chief industry, while the fisheries, if they were well directed, would make the fortune of the numerous portion of the population that lives by that industry.

The sides were once covered with forests, but Italian dating sites italy wealth of vegetation has been improvidently destroyed everywhere along this range, and, consequently, iron grey, the ashy colour of calcareous rocks, and the red brown of clay and sand-beds are the predominant tints of the country.

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From the second flows the Chiana River, which empties into the Paglia, au affluent of the Tiber.