Chiropractic Crime - Corruption - bribes - insurance scams - sexual abuse - animal antics Chiropractic Crime - Corruption - bribes - insurance scams - sexual abuse - animal antics

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The company, which is under court order to stop practicing medicine without a license It appears to me however that nobody was watching over the board and it'sstaff. In Omaha he started a company called Biologically Guided Life Systems teaching people how they can personally become responsible for their health.

The year-old chiropractor reportedly has had sexual contact with the girl since she was 12, when she traveled with Wyly and his family on a vacation. During andNguyen also used his position as a chiropractor to file false claims in addition to the failed income reports, the release shows.

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The state attorney general's office alleges that Guzek performed medically unnecessary treatments on patients who were as young as one month old Iowa revoked his chiropractor's license and convicted him of practicing medicine illegally. Nguyen's ex-wife, who had been instructed to cash the attorneys' checks, testified at the trial.

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According to federal prosecutors, F. Iowa chiropractor who had his license revoked because children were dying in his practice area sets up a quack nutrition program and coaches people how to get better, while he gets richer.

He also has to pay all the money back.

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Keck, 37, of Bryn Athyn in Montgomery County, opened rehab clinics in five suburban fitness centers between and January with money from individual investors, who were promised up to 30 percent return on their money.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation says it was one ofthe largest cases of Married but dating tumblr type ever investigated in the state.

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The couple were convicted of diagnosing workers' company auto accident patients with serious injuries and providing them with extensive treatment -- whether they needed it or not.

The license suspension for Doctor Robert Guzek will last for days Jack Ray Wallace of Powder Springs claims he did not get a fair trial because his lawyer, now dead, was impaired by alcohol while trying the case. Brockman set up shop as a nutrition consultant.

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He was also charged with kickback. Lawsuit against chiropractor begins - Las Vegas, Nevada - October 15, The first of seven women suing Las Vegas chiropractor Jeffrey Donner for molesting them during treatment had been raped in the past and suffers symptoms of trauma as a result of her second victimization, an attorney said Wednesday in opening statements of the lawsuit.


An indictment accuses them of conspiring to obtain computerized accident records from the North Bergen Police Department by bribing a supervisor.

District Court Judge William J. The state says year-old Michael Kerr took more than thousand dollars in insurance payments for work he neverdid on patients. Local authorities say the girl only came forward when she heard the chiropractor had been accused of sexual harassment by someone else.

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