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How to Make a Baby’s Bed

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How to Make a Baby’s Bed:

For the first few weeks of life your baby will be breastfeeding a lot at night. In fact mom’s milk production is highest at night. So place your baby’s bed near your bed for easy access.


1. You can have a bassinet or you could choose a cot. The
baby will outgrow the bassinet real fast so a cot is more long
2. Choose a cot with retractable railings
3. The slats of the cot should not be very wide. Just about an
inch apart is good. It will prevent your baby from sticking his
limbs in between the slats
4. Choose a firm mattress. Lumpy cotton mattresses are not suggested as they can increase the incidence of SIDS. A coir plus foam mattress would be the ideal choice
5. Put a rubber or plastic sheet between the bedding and the
sheets to prevent soiling the mattress with leaks
6. Choose cotton bed sheets. Make sure that they fit snugly
under the mattress and are not loose
7. If you have bumper pillows in the cot then the same should
be tied firmly to the slats. Remember there should be nothing
loose in the bed
8. Your new born does not need a pillow. So no need to worry
about one
9. Finally the sheet which will cover the baby – again make sure
that the ends are firmly tucked in
10. When you put the baby to sleep, make sure his head is not
covered. Also, make sure there are no stuffed toys on the
bed. You may want to tie up a dangler over the baby’s bed,
to keep the baby busy



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