So, how long have you been dating? - relationships anniversaries anniversary | Ask MetaFilter So, how long have you been dating? - relationships anniversaries anniversary | Ask MetaFilter

How long have you been dating your boyfriend, some random calculations

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Or just say '6 years' -- people who are asking such a basic question really don't want to know the ins and outs of your breakups. That gap is such a small portion of my overall time with the company that I'm entitled to gloss over it if I'm speaking in generalities with people who don't need to know the exact details.

He's just having fun. We both just measure it from the first time we started dating, and ignore the breaks in the middle. Instances like these are incredibly common — more common than healthy relationships, to tell the truth — and you rightfully want to know if you should stick around or if you should bail.

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We actually went to the very same school, but texted for a week before meeting at the terrace in our school. Tell the people on your social circle to get a life.

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He doesn't care right now. Put whatever makes you happy. If I'm talking to someone who seems to really want to know the details, I'll tell them.

Why do I like you so much? If anyone gave me a hard time about that I would probably laugh in their face, but nobody ever has. Why are you so adorable?

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Does he call you? The fact is, men reveal themselves in their actions. We start meeting almost everyday after class, which was fun, but also scary because he was openly out and i was not.

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Plus, does it really matter? I was hesitant because why the hell would this social frat boy want to date introverted and closeted me? I can also attest to the fact that there are certain questions a new girlfriend can ask too soon--questions that will turn him off so fast, your head will spin.

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Let the person get there. Not if you keep asking that.

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That's the divorced guy mentality a lot of times. I've come out to a few friends now and have become a lot more comfortable now, even going to my 1st NYC Pride this year with him.

If your social circle, as you say, cares about this, I can just imagine someone seeing a date of and thinking, "but that time we were at that party in and she went home with that cute guy Think we will ever get married?

When are we going to introduce our kids to each other?

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Especially in dating after divorce, people don't get engaged three months into a relationship. The answer to how long have you been together is "It's been six years since our first date" 2.

If you feel like explaining, say whatever fraction your wish. Put the year of your first first-date; that's your first of several anniversaries. How data brings you better ad experiences We want to provide you with the best experience on our products.

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Then the answer to long you've been together is "four Matchmaking service london but not all in a row" posted by metahawk at 8: Anyone who would actually ask?

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It seems like your social circle has some particular way they feel you should answer in your circumstance. My opinion and you can take it or leave it is that you better be pretty darn sure it's going to work out when you bring your kids into the mix.

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