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She also said that she was interviewed by the FBI in January and had told agents about the alleged domestic abuse by Porter, including about him punching her and giving her a black eye.

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Deacon balked, but Nick promised visitation rights if Deacon complied. Liam told this to Sri lanka dating services who told Wyatt. Ridge was shocked and confronted Quinn who told him they had an "affair".

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He later finds her cell phone and goes to the Forrester cabin where he not only gives her the phone back but also introduces himself. Hope merrily dashed off, but Liam stayed with Steffy, who had hurt her knee.

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However, Oliver didn't take the bait. Intrigued, she takes out her cell phone and snaps a picture of him, which causes him to notice her.

Poor Duckie is in for a rude awakening, and both Ha-ni and her father have a hard time working up the nerve to tell him the news. The boat's captain held the marriage ceremony and in Hope's vow she said he dives right in and Wyatt asked her to dive in with him.

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Quinn agains tries to convince Steffy to return to Los Angeles to reunite with Liam and deliver the spectacular news about her being able to conceive again, but Steffy still shows no interest whatsoever in going back, but still can't let go of her deep feelings she still has for Liam.

However, that tilts the balance too far in the other direction; it brings a fierce some might call it crazy look in his eye, and his kissing partner runs away to avoid being attacked. Liam had to do something at work but Wyatt kissed Hope twice by the time Liam came back.

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Liam begged for forgiveness in his underwear, but Hope told Liam he didn't deserve her. Wyatt and Hope feel this is between them but Liam insists this affects him to.

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Ridge showed this to Eric before he left for the Middle East. Hope and Rick beilive Bill Spencer's Wyatt's father because Quinn stated he was materialistic, self-centered, and a jerk but died when he was yound which they felt was a lie.

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Hope accepted privately, but her family wouldn't let Hope move up the wedding because of her public stance in the media.

He told his mom everything about what had happened with Bill and admitted that she was right about him all along. Hope didn't know that Liam, who felt drawn to Steffy again, kissed Steffy passionately after ripping up Steffy's signed annulment papers.

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Porter marries Jennifer Willoughby. But that's something that could be looked at, certainly, in light of this,' she said. He compares her to a problem he has to solve, musing that perhaps this is like a test — he has to face it, rather than avoiding it like he used to: Wyatt can find much better girls in L.

Wyatt then brings this up to his mother and Quinn denies it again and she doesn't want Wyatt hanging around Hope and tells him he can find way better women in L.

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