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Ogden - Highland Middle School - Video Production Room - in the video production room there is a ghost her name is Wilma this one day she stayed after school to make a movie and she died of a panic attack because she locked her self in the room and since then she haunts people and many people say if you lock the door and stay in there by your self you can feel her grabbing at your ankles.

If you find a large concentration, some anglers are catching them while vertically jigging small spoons tipped with Gulp maggots. When they looked towards the front of the theater, they saw movement. Also, there are several headstones that are always warm to touch--so much so that in the winter the snow often melts off these stones but not the surrounding stones Ogden - Bellshire hospital - it was the old mental hospital and the doctor running it would torture the patients and many ghost hunt's have been there and there a girl coming down the stairs has been seen, there have been screams, and people seen from the windows, as well.

Apparently, several people died in these tunnels and 25th street is haunted to this day. Provo - Rock Canyon - The history on this place is that dozens of rock climbers have died right at the mouth of the Canyon, where the huge rocks start, there has also been one or more killings up there and some satanic rituals have been performed up there.

It is said that the devil owns those woods. You can locate fish above the bottom using a fish finder. Also, police have reported finding many murder victims from Reno and Las Vegas in Nevada and various places in Utah being dumped there. Brighton - Silver Fork Lodge and Inn - Employees complain of lights and appliances turning on and off, missing tools, whispers and moanscold spots, apparitions, and other paranormal activity.

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She's Marie been known to run around the top of the building when girls are in the weight room. But there is no body there.

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And two accounts of men being possessed and acting violent while at the park and not remembering it later after leaving. Lights come on at all hours of the night and witnesses have seen footprints that begin and end in the middle of the room.

In one of the up stairs bedrooms, if you are awake around one in the morning you are able to hear several soft voices.

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The theme of the restaurant is set in the 's Old West. It has been said that he was hit by a train walking to school. A woman who is believed to be the mother of Children.

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After the school was first built, and the little theater was finished, the custodian was standing on the catwalk above the stage installing the light bulbs for the spot lighting. The native range of the species includes much of central and eastern North America.

They say that when she gets mad she throws things on the ground and she even shuts doors when they are left open. The school has burned down once and was rebuilt twice since it was constructed in There is a long history of Norsk thai dating building being haunted, going back 30 years or more.

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Instead of allowing her to marry the young brave, her father, and the chief killed him. The intense heat and other factors--possibly hauntings, have caused people to have auditory and visual hallucinations of "dead" people walking around in the Salt Flats.

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Nearly every employee in all the stores has encountered unexplainable activity. Many people who have worked there have witnessed strange things in one form or another. Its beautiful and unique green-blue color comes from particles of calcium carbonate limestone that are suspended in the water.

A little boy went swimming by himself with no supervision. These primitive areas are located on the east shore approximately ten miles north of Laketown.

Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) & Green Sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus)

When he slipped and fell, since he was alone at the time, he died soon after falling. They went up and checked the lobby where They heard the voices, nobody was there and the doors were still locked.

The main building houses three different floors.

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Well, when they died, the foremen would bury the bodies in the walls. She is dressed all in white and is searching for her child. He is most frequently seen at the back steps of the school, which always have puddles of water or wet footprints on them.