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A hamlet near the north town line at the junction of US 9 and County Route This means that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was staged, a false flag operation or both.

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The screenshot below is the cache version of the original page. This article will show you some strong evidence proving that the Sandy Hook Conspiracy was not a hoax; instead, it was a planned psychological operation.

Did you notice that the article was published on December 13, ? Once enough people wake up, the right people in the right situations will take the actions to stop the Controllers from destroying our lives.

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The screenshot of the Arlington website below is evidence that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was known beforehand. The median age was 36 years. The Controllers and their minions are not going to stop until we, the people, make them responsible for their actions.

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You need to understand that these controlling psychopaths are desperate, because their controlling empire is falling apart. If you look at the URL in the screenshot below, it is also published on December 10, Because this community does not have a well-developed business district, students of Bard College often use the Villages of Tivoli and downtown Red Hook as "college towns.

In the town, the population was Hook up in arlington out with Good screen name dating of this, they are planning to create more tragic events like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

In other words, their controlling empire is falling apart and they desperately need money to keep it from collapsing. The Village of Red Hook.

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Decennial Census [6] As of the census [7] ofthere were 10, people, 3, households, and 2, families residing in the town. Are there some truths to the Sandy Hook conspiracy or was it just a hoax?

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Do you understand now why the world is a mess? A housing development northwest of Red Hook village. A hamlet in the northeast part of the town, located on County Route Another important thing you should consider is the school mascot of Arlington, which is a devil.

These people are either amazing psychics or they had prior knowledge of the shooting.

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A small hamlet along County Route Authored or posted by Pao Updated on October 14th, Published on January 13, Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, there have been many Sandy Hook conspiracies spreading throughout the internet, causing a lot of confusion among the public.

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The Controllers and the people who work for them like to stage or cause tragic events to collect donations from those who are not awake and aware. A housing development in the south part of the town.

In other words, they are losing a lot of power.

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Please be aware that this article is not trying to prove that there were no fatalities. Keep in mind that the people who are behind many of these mass shootings are Satan or Lucifer worshipers.

These are the kinds of people we have running our country and the world. Another thing you can do is stop supporting them with your money. The average household size was 2. It would be wise not to donate to United Way and other similar charity organizations, because they are using your money to harm children and to achieve their dark agendas.

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For every females, there were Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a lot of charity and donation webpages related to the shooting started to appear throughout the Internet.

A hamlet north of Red Hook village. They then used this tragic event as an excuse to go to war with their sponsored terrorist organization called Al Qaeda.