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As he heads out, he asks how all he needs is a 65 and he can stay there, and Lena assures him that everything will be fine and that she is proud of him.

As Jesus closes the door, Jude stares at him.

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Jude's appearance changes over the course of the series as he develops into an adolescent. However, when it comes to formal events such as dances and events like his adoption or Father's Day brunchhe always dresses in a suit or in a more proper manner.

Cat becomes obsessed with "Sky Store", and buys most of their products. Later, he and Callie watch Jesus and Lexi together. On the way there, Trina and Cat face many obstacles. Jude tells her that he said "hi", but nothing else.

Cat tells everyone despite bored looks on her classmates' faces that she and Jade are going to a new karaoke club in Los Feliz, Karaoke Dokie, since they have singing competitions on weekends.

The crowd enjoys Cat and Jade's song more, but when the owner of the karaoke club comes out to announce the winner, Hayley and Tara win.

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While the rest of the group continues to think of ideas, everyone except Tori eventually gets distracted with the video effects as well. Cat asks why they didn't open the door, and Beck begins to explain, when they all realize that the van that blocked them had left without them knowing it.

Jude with the family while doing his writing assignment. At first, the gang thinks it's no big deal, since Cat was only going to the restroom, and they think she will come back very soon and let them out.

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Callie checking up on Jude while in class. Tori goes to apologize to both Cat and Danny, although Danny's apology gets out of hand as Danny and Dating jesus birth kiss.

Tori doesn't believe them and insists on joining the team. It's revealed that Hayley and Tara won because the karaoke club owner is Hayley's dad.

When Mariana Hayley quinn texting for dating Callie to be in her court for her quinceanera and reveals she is required to wear a matching gown, much to Callie's disdain, Jude giggles to himself. Tori the Zombie In Tori the ZombieCat asks Tori if she could turn her face into a terrifying monster so she will not fail her makeup class.

Jude then suggests that perhaps he is just not smart, but Lena assures him that he is especially given he's been at six different schools in six years.


Someone from Robarazzi taped Cat receiving an order. When they get started on the project, Cat soon gets distracted by the video effects they have, such as the rainbow effect. Later, he nearly walks in on Lexi and Jesus making out in the bathroom.

Contents [ show ] Biography Jude is Callie's younger maternal half-brother, whom she rescued from an abusive foster father's house in the pilot episode. When Jade shows up, Hayley and Tara refuse to back down.

Later, he walks in on Callie having a fight with Mariana for, supposedly, reading her journal. Trina and Cat agree to drive to Bakersfield and pick up the solvent, hoping to get Tori's hideous face back to normal.

At home, Callie helps Jude with his math homework. He is later seen enjoying the party and clapping as Callie, Lexi, Mariana and Jesus come out for the waltz and dance. She received one package when the mailman was supposed to give her two.

They tell her she has to talk to Jadethe team captain, who then denies Tori admittance to the team. Despite his rough upbringing, he always managed to have a good conscience and a bright outlook on life. The girls use fiddling knives and the solvent to scrape the mask off Tori's face. When Jesus walks back in the room, Jude is watching him in suspicion.

Cat and Jade sing Give It Up next, and make their school proud by showing off how well they can sing in comparison to Hayley and Tara.

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However, Weiner says he knew it was a trick all along, and he enjoyed the 'playful joust with an obvious catfish'.