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This can be seen in the opening scene where a group of people had gathered outside an employment office, waiting every morning for news, with hope that they will hear their names being called and get a job.

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Some of them have the sun in their eyes. The film is a portrait of the post-war Italian disadvantaged class the majority in their search for self-respect. In the beginning of the film, Ricci is called upon because he has been selected for a government job.

The police do not even lend him their aid.

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One shocking part of this scene is the fact there are teenagers in the crowd looking for work. A Reader on Neo- realism. The narrative of this film unfolds in post-W. This can be seen in Image. The movie attempts to contrast the rich and the poor people in post-war Italy at that point of time.

As institutions and groups of people fail to help, only individuals offer hope: However, early in the film, the bicycle is stolen while Antonio is at work and so the remainder of the film is spend on showing he and his son, Bruno attempting to search for it.

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In the first scenes of the film, these conditions are evident as Antonio Ricci Lamberto Maggiorami meets his spouse Maria Lianalla Carell on his way back home.

To keep this job, he must have a bicycle, in which his wife, Maria had to pawn their bed linens to get money to redeem their bicycle. One can see the shadows of the men, thus, one can conclude there are no fill lights. When Maria pawned their bed linens and redeems back the bicycle, the scene moves to show towering piles of pawned laundry, this indicates that the Ricci family is not alone in its economic plight.

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They are all dressed in rags and dirty clothes. No one looks happy. The film tells a story of Antonio Ricci, an unemployed worker who finally gets a job to paste advertisements in the city of Rome.

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De Sica uses a deep depth of field to show every detail of the everyday struggles of Ricci and the citizens of Rome. During this sequence the bystanders only attack the government official and not Ricci, which shows how frustrated they are with the city of Rome.

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Sports Thieves is a simple story set amidst a post-war Rome. The non-diegetic sound is the poignant music playing over all of this. Obviously, this is a reflection of the relationship of the citizens and struggles they live through in Rome.

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He mixes the diegetic sounds of the city with Free essay bicycle thief non-diegetic, poignant music to fully engulf the audience in the reality of the film. Thieves One of the most groundbreaking movements in global cinema history was Italian Neo-realism.

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This backdrop, which is a random street in Rome, demonstrates the struggle the citizens are going through in post-war Italy.