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Lashowe comes across as one, especially if you first encounter her as a female character. As they rounded it, they came across a disconcerting sight — the battered wreck of a tractor, and beside it a rough cairn surmounted by a metal cross.

A less experienced driver would have gaily galloped along the foot of the slide without moment's thought — and ninety-nine times out of a hundred would have got away with it.

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Though the game gives both choices a motive for doing so. Froakie, however, has even less regard for his own safety than Ash.

This one is strong in the tropes

Galon Lor, a Sith historian who's very well-mannered when you meet him and very excited to share his findings with you. In the Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Wrath uses his alchemic powers to fuse with Sloth wanting to protect her.

Asuka jumped into battle with Gaghiel without equipment suitable for aquatic combat, although Misato took her side anyway circumstances forced her hand.

Sure, he coughs and wheezes, but he still lives longer than he ought to. Any failure to get the results I want is due to a lack of power on my part. We'll take him together.

Ground Cars

It was introduced in the game, but only named in a later novel specifically, Darth Bane: In the Five Kage Summit arc, Sakura put her teammates to sleep with a special gas to face Sasuke alone, which did not work well and required Kakashi to save her. Clarke First Lensman The whole area was as bare as his hand.

Raymond Earthlight There are only two methods of long-range transport on the Moon. Lead researcher Dr Sam Parnia said: The test in question was designed so that one picked the right door. This was brought on by a spur-of-the-moment strategy that Mello used. Finally, several episodes later, she launched herself out to shoot down Arael, only to fall victim to the Trope Namer of Mind Rape instead.

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To make matters worse Jiu jitsu dating site Jamieson, he was driving due south — almost directly into the sun.

He gets the very description of a Leeroy Jenkins by Akatsuki, especially when Sasori asks Itachi to describe Naruto to him.

From the Straight Range they swung southeast, and presently the great headland of Promontory Laplace appeared on the skyline.

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She was enslaved and abused. In YuYu HakushoYomi was a Leeroy Jenkins back when he worked for Kurama, often going on unauthorized and dangerous raids of his own, until he was eventually blinded in an attack that Kurama set up for him in an attempt to get him out of the way.

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On a less galactic scale, Ajunta Pall's sword, which his ghost warns you off using. He ends up dying on a mission as a result. So it's less "no plan at all", and instead "there is a plan, but it's insanely stupid".

Guts from Berserkespecially in his younger days, is very much a Leeroy Jenkins, but manages to succeed in that he's just that friggin' strong. The Player Character is injured when the escape pod crashes, and goes "in and out of consciousness for days" with Carth watching over them and tending to their wounds.

I wanted to use the Force to free the other slaves I knew, to fight for what I knew was right.

Near-death experiences 'explained': Scientists believe it's the last gasp of a dying brain

The Jedi Knights rewrite the memories of a brain-damaged Darth Revan and hope that, through their visions, Bastila will be able to track down the Star Forge. Once Luffy was aware of it the villain didn't stand a chance.

In one test, pictures that can be seen only from above are being placed on high shelves in resuscitation rooms in 25 UK and U. When Orihime goes to Hueco Mundo, Ichigo is told by the Soul Society to stand by and for now consider her to be defecting, but at least they won't specifically mark her death for awhile.


The rest of the Gunmen pilots are marginally more level-headed, but still incredibly bold. It all hinges on whether you accept Bastila's offer on the Unknown World, regardless of where you are on the Karma Meter.

Awesome Moment of Crowning: He spent two pages explaining The Plan for fighting Killer Bee, and no one followed it. It is almost as if the small circle of rock surrounding one is all that exists. Such slopes were extremely dangerous, for the slightest disturbance could often set them moving in slow, irresistible avalanches that would overwhelm everything before them.

He learned his lesson after that and developed into a calm, patient Magnificent Bastard.