Why women fall for men who look like their father | Daily Mail Online Why women fall for men who look like their father | Daily Mail Online

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Is your childhood wrecking your romantic life?

Sign up to get your own personalized Reddit experience! How you were treated by your father as you were growing up helps shape your view of men in general and what you expect from them. But is it true?

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The answer has everything to do with attachment theory and unconscious mental models.

Did you marry a dude like your dad?

How do insecurely attached people attract mates? We have the scoop on why and where that relationship theory stems from.

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Dating site for lgbt Dating someone who looks like your dad Review: Why women fall for men who look like their father Most watched News videos. They were then asked the same question one week later.

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But that doesn't mean you'll end up marrying a man similar to the man that raised you. So just because you've dated guys like your dad in the past, meeting the right person, regardless of whether he shares qualities with your dad, can shift your perspective on the type of person that's best for you.

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My wife is petite and blonde, well-educated, polished, and sophisticated; my brunette and big-boned mother is none of those things.