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Horologium Above are mint Bulova A watches. Mk I and Mk II were both specifically omitted as 'obsolete'when Paragraph promulgated a edition of the Vocabulary.

The 62mm diameter watch had a rotatable bezel marked in white Arabic numerals in degrees that could be locked by a nut on the side of the case which was nickel-plated and held in an outer rubber-lined Bakelite container with screw bezel mounted on a white Perspex base that was held in a dovetailed dashboard fitting by a spring clip.


This strap is similar to the one piece cotton strap with sewn on spring bar holders used for the A, and was later incorporated into MIL-S of 8 September The Russians seem to have a habit of producing watches with functions not found elsewhere.

This was specification Bureau of Aeronautics W This text has been copied and repeated widely, perhaps most notably by Kathleen Pritchard in "Swiss Timepiece Makers, ".

Francis Claude was born in Switzerland in Jules is aged 42, his occupation described as a Watch Manufacturer born in Switzerland. The same movement is also seen with Stauffer's three triangles trademark and with the Peertone name.

The last sentence was deleted from the Paragraph in June The lower of the two crowns winds the 18 jewel Poljot movement whilst the upper crown winds and sets the alarm. Vostok "East" watches are manufatured in Tschistopol, Tatarstan and in it was appointed as the official supplier of watches for the Soviet military.

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As to the Royal Navy, I have no information about any wrist watches selected solely for naval issue either in the late s or early sbut Joint Service Cataloguing of stores was current by and it seems reasonable to assume that, until then, the senior service had simply gone its own way - as it has always done.

The bars were fixed between lugs, and the straps Dating smiths pocket watches riveted into place with 2 rivets per lug. Presumably, these instruments could subject to availability be secured from the Chronometer Section, Royal Greenwich Observatory, at need, but the channel of supply is unknown to me.

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All future supplies will be fully luminous. I expect that both Boise hook up bars and movement will bear a Broad Arrow or other government property mark and be numbered.


My own preference is for Mr. Some time in the s the brand name Atlas Watch Co.

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The same bridge shapes were also used for other calibres that Eterna supplied to Stauffer, including a version of the Eterna calibre. Wikipedia has an interesting historical article HERE.

The IWC watch, and some other W. My business is antique clock repair. These instruments are encountered either with long pendant enabling the watch to be held in a leather wristlet strap and in hard rubber mounts screwed onto dashboards, instrument panels, telephone switchboards, etc.

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The "Aviator" is a classic pilot style watch using the famous 23 jewel chronograph movement which is a high quality Russian made version of a Swiss movement by Valjoux. Smiths and Elliott are British clocks: You can use this to determine the dates and days of the week for any year between and Stauffer Trademarks The first four trademarks shown here, three on the left and one on the right, are recorded in the Swiss trademarks register, the "Archives de l'Horlogerie", datedthe first volume of the Archives to be produced.

Watches, Dashboard Again, this was a Royal Navy item and the only examples I have seen were substantial Swiss jewelled lever panel movements, signed for H.

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In the 's the company struggled during the Depression so in it was sold to the Hella Deltah Company. The strap is an upgraded NATO from Timefactors which is thicker, softer and stronger than the normal variety and has L stainless steel fittings, bead-blasted to a matte grey finish.

There was a sub-dial of twelve divisions. This includes convex glass at various sizes, bezels and doors, keys, springs and pendulums.

The GSTP Watch

This Ramona belonged to Dating smiths pocket watches father. The Wittnauer brand was revitalised and during the 's, following the outbreak of World War II, the company concentrated on manufacturing compasses, laboratory timers, aircraft clocks and watches for the American military. This is at variance with an obituary in the British Horological Institute's Journal of June which reports the death of Charles Nicolet at Montreux, Switzerland at the age of