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Dating site extortion, please support our effort by making a small donation.

I checked with the Greenville police and Sheriffs office Update January 29, I walked outside to call "the father" and the phone just rang, and no answer. Then he gives me his "chief's" cell phone number to set up a payment plan.

At one point it was reported as having infected over 4.

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If you cannot remember all the details, contact me and ask me to send you back the emails you sent me when you reached out. That puts law enforcement officials in a bind when lovestruck victims so willingly and willfully participate in ruses.

He told me his wife had discovered the photos and conversation and was gonna turn it over to police. On his page it stated he was 21 and from Fort Hall Which is in Idaho.

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Today I just got a bunch of calls from a new number which I assume is the "detective" now. Seeking Love, Getting Scammed. They [the attorneys] laugh and advise messing with him so I fake cry and beg for anything but jail. It may seem obvious, but has to be said: I have my son's phone but something got to be done about this I do not want a man to go to jail.

On his profile he said he was Immediately got flirty responses meant to bait me into revealing more about my background and send more pictures.

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So still under the pretenses of her being 18 I sent her one and then never got a reply back later after that. All of you were really scared, upset and angry at being targeted.

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I'm done with this bs. During this time I have contacted local police and started my own claim against them.

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After talking with him on the 29th, and over the course of 2 days, we exchanged pictures nude. I was told about the scams that were going on and this one was textbook.

A couple days later I received all the same pics from her again with a note saying she lied about her age, and she wad 15 and needed my help. The subjects use coercion techniques such as harassment, threats, and claims that they were representatives of government agencies and law firms.

FireEye highlights that cybercriminals primarily use zip files in order to hide malicious code, but also ranks additional file types, including PDFs and executable files.

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Every one of these apps will have records of the profiles that were set up showing what you told me. After this was sent to me, I was just taken back by it. Police detectives teamed up with tech crime specialists and the Saugeen Shores police to arrest the man and seize cell phones and computers.

Emails, texts, screenshots, names, phone numbers, dates…. The suspects are said to refuse to meet in person or defer the meeting, insisting on video chats.