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To many residents the town is still half and half and the discussion will continue but to many of us it will always be Red Rose Lancashire. These cards were printed in the United States and were sold over the counter and through venting machines.

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As postcards came into fashion Tipton began publishing his images as tinted collotype postcards. The weather was atrocious but bus services were resumed very quickly, a testament to the ethos of the TJOC.

Tanner manufactured souvenirs and published monochrome view-cards and many different types of novelty cards. Incidentally he spells the second name Mynyddislwyn, as one word.

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As with Volume 1, all known variations are listed or illustrated, plus special stamps and cancellations. This book provides detailed explanations and illustrations which clarify the development of Dating old postcard photos four types of Pioneer Postcards including Advertising, Correspondence, Expositions, Souvenir Views, and Topicals with an invaluable history, catalog, and price guide to early American Postcards that were printed between and Photo post card paper is currently only available from foreign sources.

I know that they had lowbridge Leylands in Montrose and elsewhere.

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About these photographic images began being published as postcards. The first picture is particularly interesting to myself since I passed my PSV test on Number 5 the previous year and, who knows it could even be me driving it?

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Around to a series of national view-cards in tinted halftone were printed under the Sexichrome and Octochrome labels that are different from those issued by the American News Co. The title is clearly shown around the outside with the W.

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Tichenor is listed as the publisher but other cards carry nothing more than their logo. Pity I was never exploratory enough to go to Mankinholes, it was always a case of the bus might not come back.

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The book chronicles some of the early struggles of our nation and draws from several fields of inquiry including postal history, printing, and illustrating. A lookout will be maintained!

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With the tremendous growth in the popularity of motorcycles, and the huge interest in postcard collecting, this book would make a wonderful addition to anyone's library. I lived in East Grinstead for over 50 years, we had the 87 which was a local service, 36 to Brighton via Haywards Heath and the 92 to Eastbourne.

After Regensteiner took over the firm in all cards were printed as continental sized chromes issued with the prefix ED.