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Dating math majors, making the ineffable totally eff-able

What they need to understand is that breaking out of a stereotype won't keep them from finding the loving relationship they also desire.

But among women, those who viewed romantic images expressed far less interest in math and science.

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Of course, this research has interesting implications for men as well. Humanities majors are awesome because they usually have great imaginations that can go a long way when planning dates, or even in the bedroom.

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Another graph charts how a woman's perception of herself affects her sex life Be proud of your curves: Whether they have a concentration in marketing, accounting or global management, anyone you Dating math majors most likely looks good in a pants suit.

In one study, male and female undergraduates saw images related to either romance romantic restaurants, beach sunsets, lit candles or intelligence eyeglasses, libraries, books in order to get the students thinking about their romantic or achievement-related goals.

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In other words, love doesn't just make girls bad at math -- it may also make boys act like selfish jerks, all in the service of conforming to a largely unconscious romantic ideal. When women had romance on their minds, they liked math a lot less.

Now a group of former Harvard math majors are crunching the data to reveal the secret tips of the online dater, displaying them in - naturally - graph form.

A classic jazz square.

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The question is, why? If they made what Dating math majors called 'flirty-face', they received on average 1. Male online daters should show off their six packs in their profile pictures, but only if they are young.

Another tip was both to subtract two inches from the height your potential date claims to be - and 20 per cent from their salary.

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You should be dating a STEM major. If a woman is trying to get dates online, he argued, she must be having difficulty in real life.

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Women are expected to be communal and nurturing, and to pursue careers that allow them to express those qualities -- like teaching, counseling and, of course, nursing. STEM majors are awesome partners since they are logical and can usually teach you something that will make you seem way smarter than you actually are.

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Share or comment on this article: These include bearded English majors, struggling artists and aspiring performers. It's not just that men and women can succeed in jobs that aren't "traditionally" associated with their sex -- kids today already know that.

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You probably enjoy checking the stock market, figuring out new ways to make money and managing a group of people when you go out on the weekends.

It's not just about the salami: