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For all he know, there could be a dying soul inside those eyes. Jongin was sure that Kyungsoo is only jealous and wants to tear them apart so he can take away Chanyeol from them.

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The ground is covered with snow and Jongin peers down at his best friend whose nose had already turned red in cold. Jongin likes this reaction from Kyungsoo.

He distates Kyungsoo's sudden interference in their normal lives, the time they would have spent enjoying before they face their college lives. That being said, it had become quite obvious to Jongin how his attention gets fully focused on the said intruder whenever he is around.

He is jealous, he knows. Chanyeol already missed four tests when that Kyungsoo dragged him away and did not return him until the next day. Like hell will Jongin ever allow that. Maybe he even likes Chanyeol he openly makes flirtatious comments to Chanyeol and wants to break away from Baekhyun.

Smiling, he huddles close to Baekhyun to prevent the smaller from getting too cold. Both he and Baekhyun hated this attitude Chanyeol suddenly developed. Jongin knows that Baekhyun is jealous too, although the reason is a bit different.

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With that, Jongin makes sure not to look at the other at all and limit his responses to no more than three words, to not stir any fights that would probably offend his best friend Chanyeol who seemed like a protective brother or lover to the unwanted stranger. He thought the supposed to be stranger was there for just a few days of vacation but that was where he was wrong.

No need to be too excited. It irked Jongin that Chanyeol was willing to let such a small man just barge into his life and take control of it. The day Jongin crossed his three-words-limit rule towards the stranger happened one fine afternoon while he and Rca record dating are waiting for Chanyeol by the gates so they can study together for their preliminary exams.

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But he receives a punch to the face before guilt could even wash through him. The voice is obviously owned by that life-intruder. Ever since you came, nothing good happened.

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He and Baekhyun were forced to spend time together. He likes to know that he is finally able to gauge a reaction from Kyungsoo other than the usual egoistic remarks he receives. The change was obvious, Chanyeol developed some kind of over protectiveness over the small man and wished to be around him all the possible time.

I need him now.

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He acts like he knows better than anyone and is better than anyone. Jongin mentally rolls his eyes again.

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You know this too. His gazes turn to glares whenever it gets directed to the said man and just by that, Jongin knew that he garners a very strong sense of dislikeness towards Kyungsoo.

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What, after that Kyungsoo came in and kept dragging Chanyeol away from them, not only did he made their days boring, he also made Baekhyun extremely sad. Kyungsoo still breathing heavily, fists clenched as he stares down at Jongin. Jongin will never understand.

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Chanyeol is one of his best friends yet he chose to spend most of his time with a man who left him years ago for the city life. But Jongin need not spend time with this Kyungsoo for him to know that nothing good will arise from being friends with him.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol are in love, Jongin is very sure of that, but why does Chanyeol choose the company of this seemingly plain man over the man he wishes to spend a lifetime with? Baekhyun was reviewing his notes in excitement and was leaning on the wall as Jongin whistles a tune.

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