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This was safe because we both knew the words to it.

NIV Devotions for Couples, Bible Devotional

Now we try to pray out loud together daily. This couple trusted God for everything, and, in turn, God entrusted them with the important work of caring for the least, which they are doing with all of their hearts.

As you read through the devotions each day, you will: Like the disciples and other believers who joined together constantly in prayer, this couple brought all their needs, praises and requests to God, trusting that he would lead and guide them.

Sometimes at night before we fall asleep, we pray out loud.

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Are there times when praying privately is better than praying together? Over time, and as each of us felt more comfortable being emotionally and spiritually naked with each other, we began to talk out loud to God as if he was the third person in our relationship.

That was an unexpected bonus of being married to each other. I met a couple once who were remarkably powerful and effective in their prayer life together.

Devotions for Dating Couples

It reminds me that my role in his life is to come alongside him, encourage him and support him. In time God blessed this couple with a powerful ministry to special-needs orphans in China.

Praying together sets us on the same track with each other and with God. Become a great lover by learning to love God first Develop the essential disciplines of a lasting relationship Focus on the important things in life Discover a sense of spiritual purpose and meaning Understand that grace is not just for "beginners" — it is for you, every day Whether you are dating seriously or engaged to be married, these daily personal devotions and weekly couple's devotions will help you discover the way to lifelong love.

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The work keeps growing. Why not invite him into your marriage today through prayer? Through short chapters focused on such essential topics as prayer, simplicity, community, and purity, you will discover how to make your most important love relationships—with God and your potential mate—strong, lasting, and radiant.

Relationship experts Ben Young and Samuel Adams, authors of The Ten Commandments of Dating and The One, give user-friendly tips for nurturing your personal walk with God and enhancing your spiritual connection as a couple. The essence of a true soul mate relationship is that of deep spiritual connection.

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How can we encourage and affirm each other in prayer? This dynamic book, Devotions for Dating Couples, offers guidance for deepening your commitment to God as individuals and as a couple. If you are like Dating devotionals dating couples, you are looking for more than just a companion — Dating devotionals want a soul mate!

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No one had ever told us we could experience this kind of intimacy in our relationship. In what ways does our frequency of praying together affect our marriage?