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Secondly is holding the others interest. Ask me the most embarrassing question you can think of for me to answer. I believe that if there is any walls in communication, the seeds of embarrassment, or fear or pain will take hold.

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But usually, people get the strength and find their voices. Hundreds of A-list women in the entertainment industry — actresses, agents, directors, producers, writers, execs — have signed an open letter which was also published on as a full-page ad in The New York Times.

To sum up, safe from scrutiny spiritual, verbal and non verbal communications are what I feel make a man of any rage fall for a woman of any race.

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And we have gotten to that point. First her spiritual side. I have always tried to reinforce this by making this offer early in a relationship: I'm looking for a Aged Search A lot of women have been living in silence.

It is my belief Chellaul dating support if two are joined in one accord, with a spiritual link, the potential of a lifelong relationship increases. Placing my hand on the small of a woman back as I escort her through the door I hold for her. America Ferrera Photo Credit: Free, open, non-judgmental or embarrassing communications are essential to a healthy relationship.

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Having a spiritual belief lifeline, or guideline as it were, in my opinion, removes the natural selfish nature of people and offers a focus other than individualism. To me, there is no defined 'pretty type' rather each woman I encounter in passing, or if she has a station around me such as work, church or a potential date has two primary stats that I judge regardless of her physical characteristics: Maria Eitel, co-chairwoman of the Nike Foundation said: Over women in the entertainment industry have teamed up in solidarity and strength forming a campaign against sexual harassment and gender inequality which has been widely accepted and received.

Offering my hand to help her out a car. It is not so much being interesting, but being interested in the relationship. If these things take hold, another wall naturally will be built: I also see this as important because any two people will naturally have independent paths, histories, experiences, prejudices, goals, ideas and the such and it is already so hard for any two to sync lives now a day.

I feel if I offer to place myself in a position where a woman will feel comfortable both asking, and hearing embarrassing things from me, naturally trust will be built, but more importantly, a communications comfort zone will be established.

Aside from telling everyone that no one holds a candle to the beauty of the woman that holds my heart; and though other men do have pretty women, mine is the prettiest by fathoms.

It goes beyond Hollywood. I feel it aids in becoming one. Your perfect partner could be online right now Then I offer that again, then again, then again.

These are non verbal communications I believe in that both sides should engage in. As they have put it: Talking about silly things, odd things, dreams, desires, frustrations, jokes, chasing squirrel conversations those are amazing by the way or holding hands.

Obviously physical attraction is what is the first attraction, but each person has a different definition of attractive, so that is subjective and therefore not relevant to relationship conversations in general. The Spanish version ran on the Spanish paper, La Opinion. Be it conversations about each others day, good or bad, funny or sad, communications are the second key I look for regardless of race.

It's also pushing for companies and the entertainment industry to achieve gender equality in leadership levels within a couple of years. The most beautiful woman created might also be the wisest or the most famous or [insert amazing trait here] however to me, a woman that is in tune spiritually with her Creator for me and my potential mate, it would be Jehovah, or God is paramount as I want someone that would be intone with my life goals and priorities.

So that leads me to the two things that attract me. This was influenced by an open letter sent on behalf offemale farm employees in November, saying how they were behind Hollywood actresses in their stand and fight against sexual harassment and abuse.

Now your partner is being defended against, even if its petty or slight.

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