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Carers allowance backdating payment, council tax reduction (ctr)

If your SIB balance is zero, you will not receive a student payment in a fortnight if your income in that fortnight is: If they are unable to sign because of their illness or disability, someone else can sign the form on their behalf.

From 1st January you cannot make a claim for Universal Credit if you live in a gateway area. Your partner might be working, or a student and not on a payment, but Centrelink still use those numbers. This means scholarships are included in the Income Test and may reduce your payment. If you want to find out whether your area is a full digital service area or a gateway area then you can enter your postcode on a website called Revenue Benefitsand it gives you this information.

Prior to 1st Januaryif you lived in a gateway area you could claim Universal Credit if you met the 'gateway conditions', however one of the conditions was that you did not have caring responsibilities, so carers did not have to claim Universal Credit.

Disability Living Allowance middle or higher rate care componentthe daily living component of Personal Independence Payment either rateAttendance Allowance either rateConstant Attendance Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance Other people disregarded for the purposes of council tax include: To apply for CTR you would need to contact your local council benefits department.

If this applies, your claim is treated as made on the first day on which you are entitled to UC.

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This is called a mandatory reconsideration. It is therefore important to tell the UC office about any changes in your circumstances as soon as they occur. Do not accept verbal advice by itself from any source including Centrelink. If you're single and aged under 25 you can only get Housing Benefit for Carers allowance backdating payment accommodation or one room in shared accommodation.

Backdating may be limited to six years. At the end of each assessment period the Department for Work and Pensions DWP will work out how much UC you will get based on your circumstances during that particular assessment period.

It is important to challenge a decision or get advice as quickly as possible because there are time limits that generally mean you must take action within one month. Calculating Payment Reductions If you know your SIB balance and your fortnightly gross before tax income, you can work out if your payment will be reduced and by how much.

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If you live in a "gateway area", then from 1st Januaryyou cannot make a claim for Universal Credit, you claim legacy benefits instead. The Government in Scotland does offer the second adult rebate, whereas the Government in Wales does not offer it.

The amount of your household assessable income Earnings are taken into account as income however certain claimants can deduct a work allowance.

The money goes directly into your bank or building society account. Ms Bennett lives in a gateway area and so she is still able to claim Income Support as a carer. But your earnings or theirs may reduce any means-tested benefit such as Income Support you also receive.

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You will have to make a backdated application and provide evidence of eligibility. The bill will not increase if there are more than two people living in the property. In addition, one of the following conditions has to be met: This list of exemptions is not exhaustive.