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He is a native sports enthusiast and enjoys watching the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills. As part of his veterinary medical training, he received his clinical training at Cornell University.

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In the meantime, she is very happy to be working as an emergency veterinarian. Mike has been involved in the creation of over underwater documentary films for the National Geographic Channel, the History Channel, and the Smithsonian Channel.

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This specialty includes diseases of the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, hormonal organs, and nervous system.

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She looks forward to providing the utmost optimal care to your pet through primary care, emergency practice and routine surgical procedures. She spent two years as a biology major at the University of Rochester before transferring to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University.

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Fingeroth prides himself on his ability to help his patients through his surgical skills but he takes equal pride in assisting his clients by providing candid, easy-to-understand advice involving surgery, as well as finding ways to help pets without resorting to surgery.

She believes that our excellent reputation is the result of many years of hard work, good service, and high standards of care. Brummer was encouraged by supportive veterinarians and professors who mentored her and stayed in touch through her veterinary training.

Over 88 Years of Passion.

OPVMC is truly a unique facility, with our primary focus on providing all-inclusive care for our patients, utilizing some of the most advanced diagnostics and treatments for pets, provided by caring, compassionate staff dedicated to our mission. Cast inthis bell is a true Canadiana relic.

Brummer spent her final summer before graduation from Cornell working at Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center learning animal nursing care and assisting in surgical procedures. Read more about the World Atlatl Association.

Case earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh, during which time she worked in a cancer biology laboratory, sparking her interest in oncology.

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In summary, we provide a level of veterinary care sophistication that we believe truly advocates for our patients. He believes that the pursuit of post-graduate education and training through internship, formal residency, and time spent in a faculty position had the greatest influence on his career.

After college and many odd jobs later including a stint as a research assistant at a human cancer hospitalshe finally enrolled in veterinary school at Michigan State University.

After a year in private practice, he completed his internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

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As a board-certified internist, he specializes in internal medicine. David Brummer, practice partner and board-certified internist here at the Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center, in providing state-of-the-art specialty services to our referral and community practice, as well as consulting on emergency cases.

She loves traveling and visiting her family in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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These experiences not only provided him with skills and knowledge well beyond the basic veterinary degree, but also ingrained lifelong habits of keeping up with state of the art and seeking better solutions to problems encountered in the daily practice of veterinary medicine.

Dralle's interests include companion animal medicine, exotic animal medicine, and emergency medicine. Dylewski began her first job working at a local pet store. He takes great pleasure in reuniting once sick pets with their owners—the happy endings!

Fingeroth remained two more years at Ohio State, joining the faculty as an adjunct assistant professor of surgery.


As he matured, he remained very interested in animal health and welfare so the field of veterinary medicine seemed like a good fit for a career.

Personal hobbies include knitting, cooking, baking, and fitness training. He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, with distinction, in After taking this year off from the full-time practice of veterinary medicine, he found he missed the work, the patients, and clients very much and again entered the practice as a full-time veterinarian.

As a student, Dr. Made of brass, this new acquisition contains the indicator arm like the arm on a analog clock - about 18 inches long and the list scale.