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We filmed in a real school, plus in nearby fields and woods that would get quite creepy at night with our fake smoke. They recently welcomed their third child. A Catholic Devotional for Your Marriage.


Figure out what works for you as a couple and stick to it. We wrote this book for everyone! What advice do you have for engaged couples and newlyweds on how to begin praying together?

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It put to words that ache for communion and gave us a tangible way of integrating our desires, rather than merely fighting or suppressing them.

Maddy is an interesting character.

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What role does prayer as a couple play in your marriage? This all changes when Rhydian comes along as she finally has a friend she can be herself around and share her special abilities with.

It was a really intense shoot but it was lovely to work with such a nice cast and crew and we all worked extremely hard as a team! If you could give one piece of marital advice to the brides and newlyweds reading this interview, what would it be?

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Be patient with each other! For example, maybe you like to do the rosary together but spiritual reading alone; or vice versa.

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Sabree Hill Photography Who did you write this book for? In our book, Forever, we also try to show that God is the only one who can satisfy every desire of our hearts. Did this play a role in how you wrote your book? Its hard enough being a teenager but being a wolfblood teenager is a whole different ball game!

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Although she appears tough and strong on the surface she also spends a lot of her time worried and scared about what will happen when she has her first transformation. We all keep in touch outside Wolfblood though. Communication with your spouse is essential!

Where was the show filmed? Wolfblood is a fantasy drama about a girl called Maddy Smith and her friend Rhydian who appear normal but are secretly part of an ancient race called wolfbloods.

What would you do if you were a Wolfblood in real life?

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Communication with God is what prayer is, and being honest with God about your hurts, brokenness, desires allows a lot of healing and freedom. What is a Wolfblood? It was also freezing cold - sometimes I had to wear three coats and two hot water bottles.

Learn how to communicate well with God, and learn how to communicate well with your spouse. However Rhydian is more cautious of Maddy as she is the first connection he has ever had to the world of wolfblood and until meeting her thought he was the only one.

Also, different seasons of life call for changes. Read on for the Angels' take on these topics of learning to love a singular, specific person in your spouse, our longing to be known, Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body, and their advice for engagement and marriage.