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We aim to be here for anyone, anytime, anywhere without trying to be everything to everyone. This makes it much more likely that you will find and connect with someone who is here to find you too.

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As Sandy wheels me around various guests, offering introductions and telling me what so-and-so does in the club, it's clear this is a very active and engaged group. We have members from all over the world looking to make new friends to sail with.

Started 36 years ago, the age range, at least at today's gathering, is middle-aged and up. In the couple sailed 15 weekend cruises and a few day sails with the club, and then did a day extended cruise alone on the Chesapeake Bay.

Consider joining a club to set you up.

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We care about that no one collects your contact details without you being able to contact them in return. SOS has filled that niche for several.

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Typical weekend cruises see 15 or more boats in a Chesapeake Bay anchorage or marina. What Lovesail Members are saying "I kindly ask you to please delete my account.

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We never have and we never will! It wasn't exactly smooth sailing for Pam and Barney Nanni when they were introduced back in Lovesail can help you find your perfect sailing partner.

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If you're marrying someone already in the club, you can both remain members. Day sails hone members' skills and are usually followed by dinner or drinks at a local restaurant.

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Barney's first wife had passed away a couple of years earlier, and he was encouraged to join Sailing Singles by a friend. Join our friendly community to meet others with a shared interest in sailing for sailing trips, sailing holidays and social events.

Monitored Our network is fully monitored and all profiles are checked daily for suspicious activity.

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Additional visibility options help you to manage your privacy and who can see your profile. In other words, all the things those with spouses or family nearby take for granted.

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Singles on Sailboats is only one of several singles sailing groups around the country. We work hard to host a safe and secure website and for you to have peace of mind. At the club the same friend introduced him to Pam.