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The certitude it brings involves an aptitudinem ad extorquendum certum assensum on the part of the truth envisaged, and on the side of the subject a quietem in cognitione, when once the object is mentally received, that leaves no possibility of doubt behind; and in the whole transaction nothing operates but the entitas ipsa of the object and the entitas ipsa of the mind.

You believe in objective evidence, and I do. Nansen and proposed to you to join my North Pole expedition, your option would be momentous; for this would probably be your only similar opportunity, and your choice now would either exclude you from the North Pole sort of immortality altogether or put at least the chance of it into your hands.

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Our great difference from the scholastic lies in the way we face. In all important transactions of life we have to take a leap in the dark. I myself find it impossible to go with Clifford. He also points to an expanded knowledge of the variety of human life and culture that, he claims, was unknown in biblical or medieval times.

Because they think, as a leading biologist, now dead, once said to me, that even if such a thing were true, scientists ought to band together to keep it suppressed and concealed. If [a] belief has been accepted on insufficient evidence [even though the belief be true, as Clifford on the same page explains] the pleasure is a stolen one.

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Download our handy iOS app for free. I have said, and now repeat it, that not only as a matter of fact do we find our passional nature influencing us in our opinions, but that there are some options between opinions in which this influence must be regarded both as an inevitable and as a lawful determinant of our choice.

Can we wonder if those bred in the rugged and manly school of science should feel like spewing such subjectivism out of their mouths? These works require careful reading.

The Nature and Motives of Philosophizing

This is an excellent work with which to begin a reading of William James. I am not sure how well he succeeds. But now, since we are all such absolutists by instinct, what in our quality of students of philosophy ought we to do about the fact?

Would he not cut himself off from that particular angel-possibility as decisively as if he went and married some one else?

This philosophy seems to reinforce the tenets of social Darwinism and the idea of financial success as the justification of the means in a materialistic society; nevertheless, James strove to demonstrate the practical value of ethical behavior.

Free-will and simple wishing do seem, in the matter of our credences, to be only fifth wheels to the coach.

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If the mind is simply a function of electrical-chemical reactions in the "gray matter" of the brain, what reason is there, James asks, for thinking that the mind survives the body.

If we choose 1then we go to Heaven; but if we choose 2then we go to Hell. The essays rely on James's psychology in showing the selective character of human awareness and perception.

But the faith that truth exists, and that our minds can find it, may be held in two ways. We do not certainly know whether there is any right one.

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To know is one thing, and to know for certain that we know is another. To take a trivial illustration: Christianity is a dead hypothesis from the start.