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Mail service could not send a six foot long tree so they asked permission to cut it. He would have carried me on his back if he had to.

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It took 2 tanks to pull us out. Let me assure you that, as your commander, my a--hole slammed shut, several times. While I was looking right I saw this flash out in the gulf. At hours contact was made with an unknown size enemy element which resulted in two VC killed by small arms fire and the capture of one K rifle.

Rockstar Rocky lays down a melodic verse.

Anyway you know what happened. Then, at about the same time, an artillery cluster round went off to my right. Shortly after that we got word that us and I think it was A15 was supposed to load up with some infantry dudes and move out with orders not to fire as there might be friendlies down there.

I called Blue Max on my way out the gate and told him to bring in all the ambushes - NOW - and place the Troop in march order for my return.

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Hell of a birthday present wouldn't you say. Second, in a fight with the VA and the Department of the Army over compensation, I had to do some research in the National Archives here in Washington. On 2 March, as expected, we were directed to go back down the hill, this time with just our own Infantry and Scouts, to search the battle area.

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During the night there was a lot of action around us. Now that you learned to plant both legs, make sure you use both legs to help the rotation. Now with the common one-legged way of punching, fighters would generate power by pushing their spine back and forth between two legs.

We were scared to death they were going to put us on the Sheridans when we went but it turns out all us tankers were put on the M48A3's and the new guys coming in from the states on the Sheridans. Of course we did a whole lot of things unconventionally over there.

G-Eazy rolls out a new collaboration with A$AP Rocky & Cardi B.

If you must take pain pills, many claim they help. Be sure to check out the previous edition of Best Tracks of the Week right here. Collage of some pictures that Lt. Which one felt more powerful?