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Nanoscale Energy Technology 4 Examines the role nanotechnology will play in addressing the many scientific and engineering challenges for new energy production.

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A defect in armchair-type tubes which can conduct electricity can cause the surrounding region to become semiconducting, and single monatomic vacancies induce magnetic properties. In this talk, we discuss the growth mechanism of atomically aligned highly-oriented chalcogenide heterostructures fabricated by sputtering.

Synthesis and Fabrication of NanoEngineering Systems 4 Introduction to methods for fabricating materials and devices in NanoEngineering. Depleting these deposits in order to meet the increasing demand of fertilizers due to increasing global population will lead to a phosphorus scarcity within the next 80 to yearsv,vi,vii.

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She then carried out postdoctoral research at the department of Textile Engineering in Yeungnam University and published original research papers about natural polymer based materials.

She is focusing in biological science at the moment. The influence of resin types, adhesive, carbon fiber, and the condition of joining surface on bonding strength are investigated. Since no other element can substitute phosphorus,i it is an essential nutrient for all live formsii.

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Composite materials, nanomaterials, biological materials. Fundamentals of light absorption, emission, lasing, and waveguiding in nanoscale structures, optical resonances in metallic plasmonic and semiconductor excitonic nanomaterials.

This class is for NANO majors who are incoming freshmen, to be taken their first year.


Topics include basic design principles for DNA nanostructures and DNA origami, DNA nanomotors, computing, and the use of DNA nanotechnology in organizing other materials, nanofabrication, biosensing, and drug delivery. Computational problems from NanoEngineering, chemical engineering, and materials science are introduced.

In P-RoC-technology, P-recovery occurs in one singular step without the addition of chemicals except for the reactive substratexi, i.

He has published more than 80 peer reviewed publications, has organized International workshops on processing, nanomaterials, and nanodevices and has chaired IAA conference sessions on materials processing under high gravity conditions.

His current research focuses on the obtaining and characterization of nanoarchitectures and materials with controllable morphology and structure for environmental and biomedical applications. Mechanical Behavior of Materials 4 Microscopic and macroscopic aspects of the mechanical behavior of engineering materials, with emphasis on recent development in materials characterization by mechanical methods.

Topics covered include molecular mechanics, energy minimization, statistical mechanics, molecular dynamics simulations, and Monte Carlo simulations.

He has published more than 60 papers in international journals. Mechanics of Nanomaterials 4 Introduction to mechanics of rigid and deformable bodies. Though Iijima has been given much of the credit for discovering carbon nanotubes, it turns out that the timeline of carbon nanotubes goes back much further than The morphology of Ag-NPs is highly variable, with spherical and occasionally rod-like NPs observed on micrographs.

Heterogeneous photocatalysis Rustenburg dating site one of the most promising advanced oxidation process as an increased amount of solar energy can be effciently used. Undamped and damped vibrations. Cross-listed with MAE A.

Cross-listed with Chem Different kinds of magnetic materials. Heat Transfer 4 Conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer development of energy conservation equations.

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Photochemical synthesis The photo-induced synthetic strategies can be categorized into two distinct approaches, that is the photophysical top down and photochemical bottom up ones.

Students will get hands-on training in running simulations and analyzing simulation results. The lower the imposed pressure, the higher will be both the electric contact resistance and the heat dissipated at the contacts.

Concepts include degrees-of-freedom analysis, unit operations, multiunit systems, chemical reaction kinetics and equilibrium, and phase equilibrium. The present study investigated the interaction of the crucial P-RoC components with the CSH-material regarding both the fluid and the solid phase.

Priority enrollment given to NanoEngineering majors Prerequisites: His research interests are the synthesis of biodegradable polymers and Nanocomposites using a green and eco friendly methodologies.