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What do you think? Most of the important people in the Iliad have a special epithet that serves as an extra name. Attributing human qualities to inanimate objects, to animals, things or ideas; e.

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An antagonist is a character who is opposite to, or challenges, the protagonist. The central point of the chiasm is the story of the foolish Lycurgus, who thought that he could fight the gods, and ended his life in misery Book 6.

A protagonist is the central character in a literary work.

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Examples include the great epics, Beowulf, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid. The focus is so intense that nothing else matters. Contexts may be economic, religious, social, cultural, historical, literary, biographical, etc.

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Action should not be confused with plot. Mozart k analysis essay slow dance poem analysis essays othello blindness essay bronfenbrenner ecological theory of development essays on poverty essay on truth and lies in an extramoral sense magic of love poem analysis essays essay on cleanliness quotes censorship in media research paper, virtua fighter 2 psn analysis essay house of commons research papers with solutions marshall plan essay monet mazur marlon de rakoff essays punishment for manslaughter in texas essay tlq essay about myself biology degree essay.

Denouement is usually the final scene or chapter in which any necessary, and, as yet unmade, clarifications are made.

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This Ap essay questions for wuthering heights, "image-as-text" refers to the power of pictures and symbols to persuade a reader or viewer to accept a certain point of view, or to elicit a response. When, for a higher purpose, an author intentionally suggests more than one, and sometimes contradictory, interpretations of a situation.

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Each time I grab the str Iago kills Emilia in front of Othello, and she dies telling Othello his wife was innocent. That is hot ice and wondrous strange snow" 5. The voice of an author may cover a wide range of possibilities e. Hyperbole exaggerates; understatement minimizes.

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An author can use lively description to create vivid pictures in the mind or appeal to other sensory experience; e. In plays, dialogue often includes references to changes in the setting.

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While the temporal order of events in the work constitutes the "story," we are speaking of plot rather than story as soon as we look at how these events relate to one another and work together. Using Effective Diction, Randy Rambo. They are attempting to manipulate Hamlet the way a musician manipulates an instrument.

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